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RoseFetishGarden – Horror In Tickle Hill!

Country girl Cordelia Addams and her friend Rose Holland from the city are picnicking at a property they found in the woods. The picnic is interrupted when the owner a deranged tickler captures Cordelia . She’s in for a night of brutal tickling on the rack with her begging for mercy as he finds and punishes all her most ticklish spots.

Length: 12:58
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Horror In Tickle Hill!

RoseFetishGarden – Constance Gets Tickled in The Stocks!

I (Rose Holland) was super excited to get to tickle Constance because I knew from past videos I had watched of her she was going to be a ton of fun to tickle. I set her up in my stocks topless and tied her toes back to keep her feet in place. The moment I touch she instantly reacts and I could tell she was really ticklish. I use my fingers and various tools to explore her ticklish body. Enjoy!

Length: 17:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Constance Gets Tickled in The Stocks!

RoseFetishGarden – Rose’s Special Treatment BBW Nudity MF

Rose is blindfolded, nude, and locked in a a pair of stocks with her arms stretched very high above her head and all her toes tied. Her husband Libertine runs oil on her soles and attacks her feet with vicious tickling. He then stands behind her and rubs oil on her soft, super exposed armpits. He attacks the hollows of her pits with relentlessly finger tickling. Will she ever escape the torment? There are some closeup shots of the tickling in this clip as well. This clip was a fun custom commission and if you’d like to commission your own custom email me. I also offer a discount for customs starring my husband and I.

Length: 13:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Rose’s Special Treatment BBW Nudity MF

RoseFetishGarden – Getting Tickled by Cordelia Addams!

This is Cordelia Addams first clip playing the role of tickler. I already knew she was an awesome tickler because we are good friends in real life. She has tickled me privately many times. I was super excited when she told me she was finally wanting to model. She lives right down the road from me and therefore is readily available to star in customs. Shoot me an email if you’re interested. I am cuffed to my four post bed spread eagle only wearing my sequin color changing shorts. You can tell from her huge grin that she had a blast tickling me. She uses her long nails and various toys to tickle me. Enjoy!

Length: 14:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Getting Tickled by Cordelia Addams!

RoseFetishGarden – Tickling Bella Ink for the First Time!

I got super excited when I saw the lovely and hot Bella Ink was going to be visiting near my neck of the woods. I have been seeing clips of her getting tickled for years and I had to see for myself if she truly was that ticklish. Man is she ever and she probably is hands down one of the most ticklish models I have ever had the joy of tickling! I get her really good in this clip and tickle her all over. She had never had a Pursonic used on her before and when my Pursonic with the flossier attachment hit her toes she went ballistic (It’s a good thing I own two!). I put her in my tickle stocks and all of her toes are tied back. You can tell she was exhausted after I had my way with her. Enjoy!

Length: 13:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling Bella Ink for the First Time!

RoseFetishGarden – Kim Chi’s Treatment Continues

Nurse Rose is in the middle of an important phone call with her boss when Kim Chi escapes from her room and sneakily walks up to Rose’s feet. Kim Chi takes off Rose’s shoes and begins to tickle her nylon covered soles. Rose tries really hard to keep her composure while talking to her boss. Ms. Chi eventually rips Rose’s nylons to reveal her bare feet making the tickling worse. When Rose finishes her phone call Ms. Chi runs back into her room and Rose angrily goes after her. When Rose gets into her room she doesn’t see Ms. Chi and gets caught off guard which allows Ms.Chi to grab her. Ms. Chi makes Rose pass out in her arms. When Rose wakes up she finds herself sitting in a chair with her feet out in front of her on a foot rest in bondage. Rose is finally getting a taste of her own medicine getting relentlessly tickled by Ms. Chi. Ms. Chi runs off leaving Rose time to escape. When Kim Chi comes back Rose grabs her and she goes into a deep rest. We cut to Ms. Chi strapped to the bondage table, her wrist tied to the table, her ankles tied, her big toes tied attached to a strap and nurse Rose is ready for some delicious payback. Ms.Chi tries to win Rose’s affection, but she ignores it. Will Kim Chi finally escape? Buy the clip to find out.

Length: 30:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kim Chi’s Treatment Continues

RoseFetishGarden – Getting my Revenge on Cordelia Addams!

In this clip I get to introduce my good friend Cordelia Addams. She started off in the BDSM lifestyle first before breaking into modeling just like I did and we are really good friends in real life. She is very local to me and is open to staring in custom clips plus she is willing to do double Domme sessions along side me. This is her first ever tickle clip. In this clip I am getting my revenge for the tickling she had just given me(Clip to be released at a later date.). I have her in my custom built tickle stocks and she is wearing a bra, panties, and tan pantyhose. I do eventually rip her pantyhose to show off he bare feet. She responds really well to light tickles and has the cutest reactions when tickled. She even sorts a few times while I am tickling her. I use my skilled fingers, hairbrushes, and my Pursonics with the flosser attachments. Enjoy! The leather cuffs and collars in this clip were by . Check them out they are good friends of ours.

Length: 14:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Getting my Revenge on Cordelia Addams!

RoseFetishGarden – Evil Nurse Rose has a New Patient! Kim Chi!

Nurse Rose was giddy as a school girl because today she was going to give Kim Chi a new patient her first round of treatment. Ms. Chi’s family paid the hefty sum to have Ms. Chi acquitted into her insane asylum. Nurse Rose had prior to the payment explained that the treatment at this facility was different from other asylum’s and that they had a more hands on approach. When she asked them if Ms. Chi was ticklish, she became very excited when they answered she was extremely ticklish and didn’t like being tickled. Rose couldn’t wait to get her hands and toys on Ms. Chi. Ms. Chi is wearing just a straitjacket and she is strapped down to the medical table with her feet in the foot press. Nurse Rose always has a bit of a learning curve with her first time patients. The foot press was unable to hold her feet, but that just made nurse Rose want to tickle them even more intensely. Then halfway through Ms. Chi manages to slip out of her straps, so Rose straps her down tighter. Will Ms. Chi be the first patient to ever break free? Will nurse Rose ever get a taste of her own medicine? Buy the clip to find out.

Length: 11:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Evil Nurse Rose has a New Patient! Kim Chi!

RoseFetishGarden – Western Tickle Interrogation

The local railroad company is dying to buy Rose Holland’s farm, so they can use it to continue building their railroad, but Rose has repeatedly told them no. The railroad company has decided that one way or another they will get her farm, so they have hired Libertine a skilled ruthless interrogator who always gets the info he wants and has a unique foolproof method to get it. The clip starts with Rose observing her grapes and Libertine enters saying he is from the railroad company. Rose tells him her land is not for sale and he begs her to reconsider. When Rose refuses again he says he’ll get it from her one way or another, grabs her, and she looses conscious in his arms. Libertine has brought Rose to his secret lair and we see Rose resting with her arms cuffed above her head on his wooden bondage table. Rose has been stripped to her bloomers and still has on her thigh highs plus boots. Libertine wakes Rose up and she is confused. He asks her again if she’ll reconsider and she is still defiant. He begins to tickle her intensely, but Rose doesn’t give in. He part of the way through takes off her bloomers, boots, thigh highs, and cuffs her ankles. Rose’s pleads to stop tickling her falls on deaf ears. Will she give up her farm?

Length: 14:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Western Tickle Interrogation