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OurFantasyChest – All Wrapped Up! – Episode 25 (Part 1)

How is it that I always get myself into these ticklish situations? Tied up, blindfolded, completely helpless, and moments away from having my soft, pampered soles ravished with tickles until I’m a giggling mess…

(Right about now I’m really wishing that I didn’t decide to wear these warm, fuzzy slippers all day!)

Myles must be over the moon about it though! I did find it really odd that he didn’t try to take them off the whole time we we’re hanging out and having drinks… Usually, the first thing he does when we hang out, is to try and get me barefoot! Guess I know why now.

I suppose a lot of this is my own fault. I’m way too kind and trusting! I know that my neighbour Myles has a HUGE foot fetish. I know that he’s in love with, how did he put it? “My divine wrinkled soles!” I even know that he has this crazy tickle fetish, from that time he captured me and tickled my clit to insanity! Honestly, guy’s like a juiced up “Christian Grey!” (Before 50 shades was even a thing.)

So, all things considered, it’s probably like 99% my fault that I’m even here in the first place, wrapped up snug in what feels like a thick blanket, cocooned, with only my head and feet sticking out. Feeling quite vulnerable and knowing full well what’s in store for me… It’s my fault because I trust Myles. Why do I trust him? Because I know in my heart that he would never let any harm come to me. But I also know that I can’t “TRUST” him. He’s way too obsessed with my pretty, pampered feet to be trusted that way!

Which is why he slipped whatever he did in my drink. Why he carried me up to his room. And why he wrapped me up and strapped me firmly to his bed. So, as he slowly slips the first fuzzy slipper off of my satin soft sole, I bite my lip and brace myself in anticipation for the river of giggles to come.

He starts off gently, playfully, stroking light finger tips up and down my sensitive right sole, as if mapping out spots on my foot for later. As he stumbles over the hot spots, I can’t help but giggle, slowly giving away all of my weak spots to my evil captor. Then he slips of my left slipper to repeat the process. I’m guessing my soles look delicious to him, because he can’t help himself from grunting in delight as my second slipper thuds to the floor. (Why do I have to have such soft, pink, pretty feet?!) In between his explorative tickles, he nibbles and licks at my helpless soles and toes, causing me to giggle even louder! God I’m in trouble…

Why do I always have to be right?! No sooner then 5 seconds after having that thought, I hear the loud humming of some terrible tickle tool hovering near the soles of my feet… I curl my toes in anticipation! Whatever it is, it’s effective and precise, as he darts around my soles and toes with it, causing me sudden eruptions of laughter! NO! Get it away from my toes!! But there’s nothing I can do but laugh & flail with what little room I can move my feet.

After letting his tool have it’s way with my feet for a bit, he suddenly stops and asks me “Are you ready to get serious?” What?! None of that was serious?! That’s when I start to feel something sliding between my big toes and wrapping around them… Is he tying my big toes up?! But I already knew that answer. Of course he is. Great. I’m not in trouble… I’m in BIG trouble.

Length: 7:27
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OurFantasyChest – All Wrapped Up! – Episode 25 (Part 2)

What little of my resolve that remained, quickly fades away, as Myles continues to scrub my soft soles like a mad man on a mission! The countless firm bristles tickle devouring every inch of my helpless, delicate feet! For brief moments, I’m able to muster a glimpse of control over my body, before I once again melt away into involuntary fits of giggles and laughter. I begin to beg for him to stop with that terrible brush! I can’t take it anymore!

But when he randomly switches to his soft finger tips, or playful foot nibbling, giving me small breaks from that evil tickle hair brush, it doesn’t help! The contrast between the firm tickles of the brush, and the soft scribbling of all ten fingertips, are so opposite that they compliment each other, making each method that much more ticklish!

It only gets worse for me as he taunts me with the massage oil to come! Visions of my soles covered in oil and that hair brush gliding over every ticklish wrinkle fills my mind with desperation! Please not that! Please no more! But it’s too late. I feel the warm oil being poured over my feet, slowly dripping down my soles, and quickly being “rubbed” in with the hair brush! If I wasn’t all wrapped up in this blanket, I would have shot through the ceiling in ticklish laughter! How much longer will he keep me here?! How much longer will he tickle?! How much more can I take…

He stops his tickle attack on my soles, and refocuses his attention on hyper ticklish toes, randomly probing all around, in between and underneath them! Then he holds the tops of my toes back to scribble the base of them! I try to scrunch my toes, but it’s no use, so I do the only thing I can. I laugh. I beg. I continue to ride out fits of laughter as he introduces me a whole new set of ticklish agony, when he straddles on top of my legs, and begins to tickle the tops of my feet and toes! Oh my God! The skin up there is SO soft and sensitive!

He can sense my frantic, ticklish, desperation and begins to ease up on me a bit, telling me it’s time for “The Tickle Home Stretch!” It brings me comfort in knowing it’s almost over, but fear in wondering what this “Home Stretch” was going to be?! “Dumb question Gwen!” I think to myself, as I feel the hairbrush come into contact with my soles again! But the rest of my thoughts are quickly interrupted, dissolving once more into frantic fits of deep, helpless laughter…

Length: 6:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

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OurFantasyChest – The Bet – Episode 8 (FULL EPISODE)

* This Video Contains Both: The Bet (PART 1) & The Bet (PART 2) *

Myles has been watching their sexy home videos and realized that Gwen is absolutely kicking his butt in the tickle department. In a previous session, she strapped him down and discovered how amazingly ticklish his upper body is. She proceeded to devour his tummy, chest and armpits with hungry tickles until he was a begging mess. Now, Myles is out for revenge.

Looking to take advantage of Gwen’s stubborn confidence, he bets her that he can make her use a safe word in a foot tickling session. If he can, then he finally gets to tickle her super ticklish clit! (A tickle spot that’s always been off limits). Gwen agrees to The Bet on one condition: If she wins, and doesn’t use the safe word, she get’s to tie him down and tease his nipples to orgasm. No hand job, no blow job, just constant nipple teasing until he cracks and cums for her. 

Those are high stakes for Myles, but being confident he can win, he takes her on and the bet is underway!

Join Myles and Gwen for a high stakes tickle session and take a seat at Gwen’s delicious nylon soles as Myles slowly slips them off and gets down to business. Who will win?

Duration: 19:00.139
Size: 1 391,448 Mb

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OurFantasyChest – Testing for Tickles – Episode 13

Come join Gwen and Myles on a tickle experiment that is as sexy as it is adorable. Take a front row seat with Myles as he genuinely seeks to find the most ticklish spots on Gwen’s feet and the most effective tickle tools for each spot.

There’s no restraints in this one, making it super challenging for Gwen to keep still as Myles easily finds tickle spots, techniques and tools that make her laugh and flail all over the bed. This playful tickle session is for the foot and tickle lovers out there who want a more honest, intimate and behind the scenes look at their favourite fetish couple on the internet 🙂

Duration: 14:26.732
Size: 851,053 Mb

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