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SolesScreamExperience – Session Blondi Tickled Everywhere on Bed

Blondi is very sensitive, and I explore various areas while she lays in the bed. The camera pans around to catch the action as I tickle her in all the usual spots. You’ll definitely appreciate the raspberries scene and you might catch me getting smacked in the side of the face.

Blondi is in lingerie and the tickling style is sensual and playful. She’s a giggle box and you can tell when I hit her most sensitive spots.

Length: 10:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Session Blondi Tickled Everywhere on Bed

SolesScreamExperience – Session Velvet Tickled In Chair Then In Thunderbolt Pose Position

Clip starts with Lady Velvet relaxing in a chair receiving a foot massage. About two minutes in I begin tickling her tiny feet with my fingers. I alternate a bit between tickle and massage in the first half. The second half is all upper body tickling. I also test out some more unusual tickle spots to close. There’s some light conversation throughout.

Length: 10:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Session Velvet Tickled In Chair Then In Thunderbolt Pose Position

SolesScreamExperience – Tickling Maven Everywhere on Bed

I finally get to see what other ticklish areas Maven has. Pretty much every square inch of her is sensitive to my touch.

She starts on her back, and one camera shows her entire body from the foot of the bed and the other shows more of her upper body from side view. The second half of the clip has her laying on her stomach. I tickle every conceivable non-private area from her ears, neck, feet, butt, hips, shoulder blades, belly, thighs, and everywhere in between.

I mostly use my fingers, but I utilize the fake rose and the wired scalp massagers briefly.

Length: 11:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling Maven Everywhere on Bed

SolesScreamExperience – Kitty Quinn Resting and Getting Tickled In Nylons

Kitty relaxes after work by inexplicably propping her feet over the top of the sofa backrest. I happen upon the scene and decide to explore. First I tickle her heel clad feet until they fall off. Then I start probing her nylon covered soles. Eventually I rip them open to get at her bare soles and toes.

Kitty doesn’t seem to mind too much, even though she half heartedly protests the proceedings. Kitty’s insanely ticklish so plenty of her famous giggles and laughter in this one. All feet tickling to boot.

Length: 6:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kitty Quinn Resting and Getting Tickled In Nylons

SolesScreamExperience – Megan Jones Tickled Everywhere on Bed

Megan is tickled in the bed. This is 100% finger tickling. The view switches between the side, and the bottom of the bed to try and catch as much ass the unblocked action as possible. Megan is a squirmier, so you’ll see Stacy grab the tickle toy try so Megan doesn’t get hurt by it.

Tickle areas: back, neck, armpits, ribs, belly, hips, butt, thighs, knees, knee pits, and feet.

Length: 11:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Megan Jones Tickled Everywhere on Bed

SolesScreamExperience – Testing Goddess T’s Sensitivity

Goddess Tickles is the kind of person who fights the urge to react to tickling. Furthermore, I had to warm her nerve endings up a bit to bring about her sensitivity to my touch. The camera angles change to get the best action, but mostly are from the sole perspective. An electric flosser, hairbrush, and beaded necklace were use at times, but I mostly use my fingers.

T fights the urge to laugh but starts breaking down as the clip goes on. Her face betrays her as she tends to laugh silently with an occasional outburst in this one.

Length: 9:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Testing Goddess T’s Sensitivity

SolesScreamExperience – Bella’s Sensitive Spot(s)

Bella is known for her very ticklish feet, and we explore that some here, but what about the rest of her body? Bella tends to attempt to resist the urge to laugh and you can see when I hit her in some particularly powerful spots as that resistance goes out the window.

This is filmed with a camera person.

Length: 11:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bella’s Sensitive Spot(s)

SolesScreamExperience – Drive Thru Tickles

Imagine going to a fast-food restaurant and asking her if she wants to order anything. She says she’s not hungry, then you ask her once more with the same result, then you get to the pickup window and now she’s starving.

However, she also wants to place the order herself. She crawls over you and her sensitive areas are exposed.

Length: 12:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Drive Thru Tickles