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JolieBerrie – Predicament bondage tickling, foot worship and ass smother – part II

Slave boy is so exhausted from part I. He probably thinks that he has made it since I let him sniff and worship my beautiful nylon toes. Well, he is mistaken. Of course I lift him up again, inflicting a lot more tickling damage on his aching body, taking his breath away with some cruel full weight facesitting while he is helplessly dangling from the ceiling. I then untie his wrists and let him hang there like slaughter cattle. While the pain in his wrists might be relieved, now the whole body fluids are rushing down to his head. His whole body is overstretched and he is even more vulnerable to my tickling attacks now. You can really hear that he wants this to be over. But I don’t want to stop just yet! Towards the end, I let him worship my bare feet and start one last attempt to lift him up. He instantly gets a leg cramp and I left it in the video so you can see how authentically exhausting it is to serve as my toy! – Jolie Berrie (German language)

Length: 15:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Predicament bondage tickling, foot worship and ass smother – part II

JolieBerrie – Predicament bondage tickling, foot worship and ass smother – part I

Do you know ‘The Metamorphosis’ by Franz Kafka? Probably not, you uneducated cunt. Whatever. In this clip, slave boy’s wrists and ankles are tied to a spreader bar, which is attached to a pulley. I take great pleasure in lifting him up in the air, where the look of his bent body, hanging upside down from the ceiling, reminded me a lot of Gregor Samsa lol. While it might look funny, apparently it does not feel too good since slave boy is moaning a lot and his extremities instantly turned dark purple. Well, I don’t care. Pro tip for all you tickling lovers out there: if you really want to punish your lees, let them dangle from the ceiling! Gravity and his bodyweight did a great job at keeping his most ticklish spots comfortably at my disposal. He is unable to escape any of my tickle attacks and you can sense the horror and confusion of being unable to tighten his muscles to fight the terrible sensation. This was so much fun haha. Towards the end of the clip, I humiliate him with my sweaty nylon feet and smother his face until he is completely exhausted. – Jolie Berrie (German language)

Length: 15:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Predicament bondage tickling, foot worship and ass smother – part I

JolieBerrie – Hogtied Tickling Hell

Slave boy has been through a lot today, hence I decided to finish him off more sensually, with some good old tickling. As you know of course, since you have purchased all the tickling clips on my store like a good boy, he has endured a ton of cruel, mean, merciless, bondage tickling. But I have to say, this time it totally hit him differently. Maybe it is because he is so exhausted from all the other practices I put him through or it was just bad luck, but this is pure tickling suffering. You can see that he is not even bothering to struggle, lying there kind of paralyzed, enduring my horribly targeted and intense tickling attacks. He really just wants it to end, but you should know me better by now … – Lady Jolie Berrie (German language)

Length: 13:42
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Hogtied Tickling Hell

ItaliansTicklingCruel – Traumatic Tickling – Lola Bunny and Alice

Imagine being tied down and tickled helplessly by two beautiful Italian mistresses .

Lola Bunny couldn’t wait to tickle our slave, but she wants to really traumatise him. Paired with the expert Alice, the two devils team up together and concentrate on his sensitive body: a storm of fingernails, slaps, high heels, foot domination – even feet slapping… and tons of traumatic Tickling !

Our man couldn’t believe what he was going through and honestly we didn’t either: the two girls make a wonderful show and you can clearly see their playful enjoyment. Lola Bunny has a beautiful attitude, stunning presence, sexy long nails and she likes tickling a powerless man. Alice immediately realises that she needs no further explanation!

There’s no pause or relief in their tickling and they dig their nails on him and make him squirm for 15 awesome minutes.

You just can’t miss the show of these two together!

Length: 15:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Traumatic Tickling – Lola Bunny and Alice

ItaliansTicklingCruel – The Cute Neighbor Strip Tease

Lara is the cutie living next door and she’s heard several men screams coming from the adjacent apartment. Curious as to what that might hide, she asked her female neighbor, who answered: “What, have you never tickled a man to tears? Oh, you’re missing out on so much fun…” Lara felt surprised, but morbidly curious to find out more as well.

“Wait, why don’t you try it for yourself?”, proposed the Mistress to Lara. “I’ve invited a guy to come in for a visit today, and I want to leave him all to you”. Overtaken by the curiosity, Lara explores what fun it is to tickle a man to madness. But why not to tease his mind and body by performing a sexy and subtle strip-tease, at the same time?

This beautiful and extremely cute girl is a relentless tickler, who visibly enjoys seeing a big boy beg and scream under her hands. A very exciting and teasing tickling session!

Length: 15:04
Resolution: 1440×1080

Download – The Cute Neighbor Strip Tease

ItaliansTicklingCruel – Sorry, You’re Just my Tickle Toy

Our victim had high hopes that the blondie would date him. He was very excited about that. Unfortunately, all his hopes were crushed and destroyed immediately, as she revealed that he’s just a funny toy for her, nothing more.

Much to his frustration, not only has she no intention of giving him any pleasure; to the contrary, he’s just her squirmy tickle bitch.

The man is tied again on the table for a focused lesson on tickling submission. She gets him very excited and horny with her teasing touches – tickling his body attentively. She knows that the more he becomes horny, the more he gets insanely sensible!

At the end, she leaves him unattended and alone for a couple of hours on the table, just so that he can ponder on the pleasure he cannot have and his destiny as a mere tickle slave….

Length: 10:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sorry, You’re Just my Tickle Toy

ItaliansTicklingCruel – Perfect Body, Coldest Soul

This ruthless Special Agent, perfectly fit, with a stone-cold heart and no empathy whatsoever, has been trained for years in tickling techniques to interrogate suspects. The man she captured is an international fugitive who withholds critical informations on the wrong doings of the Company. She was hired to catch him, to show him it’s not a good idea to sell those informations… or she will track him down.

Insensible to his screaming and begging, unable to feel the smallest regret in all the suffering she imposes, the special agent works on the fugitive with her perfect hands and long nails, ruining his body. She is in perfect shape and has all the endurance in the world to keep going until she breaks him apart. Her hot and statuary figure distracts him while she enjoys the torment sheìs causing: the ordeal never stops, not even for a single second!

Length: 10:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Perfect Body, Coldest Soul

ItaliansTicklingCruel – Brunette and Blondie Tickling for Fun (Full)

Alice and Victoria are tired of hearing their best friend, Melissa, bragging about her new boyfriend. “He’s strong, he’s tall, he’s a stud…” she goes on all the time. So the two brats decide to pull a mischievous prank on her. They’re gonna shoot a video of the “strong guy” begging for mercy under their fingers and toes, and then show it to her… let’s see how invincible the man really is!

So they sneak in Melissa’s apartment when she’s out for work. They find the stud already on the bed – it couldn’t be easier! Now the “big man” is all tied up for good and vulnerable to the two’s cruel tickling. Victoria is new to the art of tickling men, so Alice explains to the blondie how to best tease and break the man’s weakest spots.

The ladies first work together on his sensible body, then they alternate with each other, resulting in a tickle mayhem that humiliates and breaks the poor guy down to his soul.

That’s a long and spectacular FF/M tickling session, in all its glorious Full Version. Enjoy the brunette and the blondie at work together!

Length: 20:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Brunette and Blondie Tickling for Fun (Full)

Fettish – Vengeance – Sydney Paige

I hadn’t had Syd here in over a year so a trip was due. Prior to this scene I ran the machine setup on her. Yeah, the new one. Cause why not.

I knew when I took the hot seat it wasn’t going to be pleasant and sure enough it wasn’t. With her stone face, pointy nails, and NONSTOP tickling with my big toes trapped in steel, it sucked. Hard. For over a half hour. Yeah – this is only part 1.

Length: 15:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Vengeance – Sydney Paige