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SilverCherry – The Disciplinarian

SilverCherry - The DisciplinarianTicklingGuy SilverCherry - The DisciplinarianTicklingGuy

This campus has seen its share of misbehaved boys in the past, but none quite as unruly as Nicky. It’s gotten to the point where he has been sent to be dealt with by the school’s most feared and statistic disciplinarian, Ama Rio. She thinks it’s about time that Nicky suffer the harsh consequences of his behavior. So Ama has decided to bring Nicky to her punishment chamber at the end of the corridor, where she has him bound to the table. It is where she is going to administer a lengthy cruel tickling as punishment.

Nicky can do nothing but laugh and squirm against the restraints as Ama thoroughly tickles his shirtless upperbody and sensitive bare feet. He will either learn to behave properly on this campus, or he will continue to be mercilessly tickle tormented extensively by the tall beautiful disciplinarian!

Length: 9:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

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SilverCherry – He Gets No Mercy

SilverCherry - He Gets No MercyTicklingGuy SilverCherry - He Gets No MercyTicklingGuy

Dexter is in the red room of torment where he is going to be methodically tickle tormented by two extremely hot girls, Dacey and Ama. The girls are very focused on making sure that he suffers as much as possible. As he lays there almost naked and restrained securely to the table, the girls use their fingers to mercilessly tickle his feet, legs and upperbody. By the end of his ordeal, he’s left in a sweaty mess, drained of all his energy. The girls might be super hot, but they are also very cruel!

Length: 10:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

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SilverCherry – Dacey the Tickler

SilverCherry - Dacey the TicklerTicklingGuy SilverCherry - Dacey the TicklerTicklingGuy

Dacey is typically on the receiving end of being tied down and ruthlessly tickled. But today, she gets to be the one who devilishly dishes out some tickle torment. She has her guy Dexter blindfolded and strapped spread eagle to the bed. And for the next 9 minutes, the always beautiful and sexy Dacey uses her very effective fingertips and fingernails to tickle the bare skin of her helpless, ticklish guy!

Length: 9:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dacey the Tickler