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TickleAbuse – I Can Break You

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TickleAbuse - I Can Break YouTicklingGuy TickleAbuse - I Can Break YouTicklingGuy

Matt has some amazingly ticklish size 11 feet, and for someone that ticklish, he still doesn’t think Tasha is going to get him to beg. She gives him the light stuff in the beginning, Matt is overconfident, lol. Tasha breaks out the oil and brush and Matt is tickled insane! Still, he manages to refrain from begging. But when Tasha brushes both of his feet at the same time, its all over and he has to beg Tasha to stop.

Duration: 7:41.594
Size: 223,213 Mb

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TickleAbuse – Desperate Dean

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TickleAbuse - Desperate DeanTicklingGuy TickleAbuse - Desperate DeanTicklingGuy

Dean is a super cool guy, maybe straight, maybe gay, maybe bi, who knows. One thing is for sure is that he came via referral from one of my customers who said Dean is super ticklish and enjoys being tickled. However, Deans size 10’s are not much for Tasha and the brush! She toys with him, taunts and punishes him without any mercy at all. The only break Dean gets is when Tasha briefly punishes his super ticklish upperbody, lol. Finally, Dean cannot take anymore and realizes that he must beg, and beg convincingly for Tasha to stop.

Duration: 8:46.284
Size: 226,761 Mb

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