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FootTicklingArchives – Lilly Resists The Giggles!

Lilly has sweet size 9 feet and she was very defiant that her feet were NOT ticklish. Lilly is caught in a lie quickly because she starts to giggle soon after I start in on her soles. “I don’t like It!” she says in between giggles. But the real fun comes when I discover how CRAZY TICKLISH Lillys toes are! Lilly freaks out when I go anywhere near them. Lilly is so squirmy, so her ankles are bound and the focus is almost exclusively on her toes and Lilly can’t stand it!

Duration: 8:31.444
Size: 158,877 Mb

Download – Lilly Resists The Giggles!

FootTicklingArchives – Kerri Taylor Has Ticklish Feet!

Kerri Taylor has truly beautiful size 9.5 feet with extra, extra wrinkly soles and longggg toes. Kerris feet are exquisitely ticklish, and she is giggly, squirmy and very whiny while her feet are tickled without mercy. Kerri is so squirmy I have to hold down her ankles to try to keep her still! When that doesn’t work, Kerris ankles are bound and the tickling becomes more intense. In the final sequence the camera is close up on Kerris soles and toes and they are tickled while she giggles and whines.

Duration: 10:02.134
Size: 187,02 Mb

Download – Kerri Taylor Has Ticklish Feet!

FootTicklingArchives – Destinys BIG Feet Tickled!

Destiny has some seriously big, seriously hot, SERIOUSLY TICKLISH size 13 feet! Destinys ankles are bound and her big thick soles and extra extra long toes are tickled without mercy while she laughs uncontrollably and flails around wildly. Baby oil is used on Destinys soles to make them extra sensitive and drive her CRAZY!

Duration: 10:14.380
Size: 189,955 Mb

Download – Destinys BIG Feet Tickled!

FootTicklingArchives – Addie Junipers Sweet Feet Tickled!

Legendary ticklee Addie Juniper has gorgeous size 7.5 feet that are SO TICKLISH that seem to get more ticklish the more they are tickled! Adddies soft soles are so sensitive, and she giggles uncontrollably while they are subjected to relentless tickling. Addies giggling turn into screams of laughter when I bend her toes back and tickle her instep. Addies toes are also screamingly sensitive and going back and forth between tickling her soles and her toes drives her CRAZY!

Duration: 9:59.699
Size: 182,216 Mb

Download – Addie Junipers Sweet Feet Tickled!

FootTicklingArchives – Sammie Has Ticklish Feet!

Sammie has sweet size 9 feet that she really really wishes weren’t ticklish. Sammie HATES having her feet tickled and even though she laughs and giggles uncontrollably, Sammie is in distress throughout the clip and she wriggles her big feet away while she giggles, hopelessly trying to escape the foot tickling. Check out the sample clip to see Sammies sexy feet tickled.

Duration: 10:30.096
Size: 193,817 Mb

Download – Sammie Has Ticklish Feet!

FootTicklingArchives – Mature Michelle Resists The Giggles!

Mature Michelle has *Amazzzing* size 6 feet with extra extra soft soles that wrinkle when they are tickled. Michelle has ticklish feet, and she knows it! But Michelle is a brat and tries to hold back her giggles, which only makes it that much more satisfying when she can’t hold back anymore. Michelle has a cute high pitched giggle.

Duration: 7:09.495
Size: 131,961 Mb

Download – Mature Michelle Resists The Giggles!

FootTicklingArchives – Laurette Has Ridiculously Ticklish Ebony Feet!

Laurette has BIG ticklish size 10 feet. Laurette has a sexy high pitched laugh, and from the moment the foot tickling begins she can’t stop giggling! Laurette is unique because her soles are ticklish, but the tops of her feet, her ankles, and especially her legs are CRAZY CRAZY TICKLISH! Light touches are what tickles Laurette the most. Check out the sample clip to see Laurette have a giggle freak out!

Duration: 10:17.450
Size: 190,908 Mb

Download – Laurette Has Ridiculously Ticklish Ebony Feet!