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TheFrenchWayTickling – First tickling for Gabriella

This is the very first video of pretty Gabriella, where she’s both adorable and shy.
Gabriella is very ticklish when it comes to her feet, and we didn’t hesitate to check her out. We tied her feet and hands to immobilize her, and started tickling her. To our delight, her sensitivity to tickling increased! At first, she held back, but when we started using a brush and oiling her feet, she started wiggling like crazy.

In the second part of the video, Gabriella is tied up on her stomach, with her feet and hands connected. We start by tickle her feet a little before moving on to the tickling.
Once again, she tried to restrain herself, but soon began to squirm from the unbearable tickling when the oil was put back on.
She blushed and laughed as if someone had taken possession of her. She screamed and begged, breathless with laughter. In the end, she barely managed to say how horrible we were.

Length: 18:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – First tickling for Gabriella

TheFrenchWayTickling – Two girlfriends scotched tickled

First tied up sitting on a bed back to back, these 2 girlfriends are at my mercy. I tie their arms together with tape in the air to gain easy access to their armpits. Their ankles are also taped together and roped together under the bed. This keeps their legs taut and their feet at my disposal. I like to enjoy them in silence, so they’re taped together for the whole game. I use my fingers and several accessories such as a hairbrush, toothbrush and spiked gloves, as well as oil to heighten the sensations and make their soles shine, which makes them even sexier.

They’ll then be turned over, still with their hands tied. This time, their feet will be taped together at the ankles. I’ll be able to tickle all 4 feet simultaneously. And enjoy their intense moans over and over again.

Length: 17:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Two girlfriends scotched tickled

PortraitOfPerversion – Teased, Edged & Made To Squirt

Stretch out and Tied down on a bench. My body gets covered in oil and rubbed slowly to get me all worked up. My pussy is then fingered before a small vibe is used to edge me even further. After I have been built up over and over a Magic Wand is finally used to make my have a hard powerful squirting orgasm!. This is a version you can buy to support me (which means I can keep making free content), & as a thank you get better quality video, more frames and the ability to download.

Length: 28:19
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Teased, Edged & Made To Squirt

PortraitOfPerversion – Tickled & Teased

Cum watch as I get locked onto my BDSM bench and have my sides, armpits, feet and pussy tickled with Fingers, a pin wheel, pipe cleaners, paint brush and claws. Eventually my latex pants get open and I am edged and teased before being made to have multiple squirting orgasms with a pin point vibrator.

Length: 43:50
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Tickled & Teased

JennyJett – Bound Ticklegasm

Jenny Jett walks into Jim Hunter’s Lair after a night out of clubbing, where they previously discussed each other’s love of bondage. Upon entering the dungeon, Jenny strips off her dress and is instructed to hold her arms out to begin by having her wrists tied. She then does as she’s told and lays down to have her wrists and arms tied to the bench beneath her. Jim gives a few quick licks of his finger across Jenny’s body as a tease, proceeds to tied up her feet and legs so that she really can’t move now full spread. He begins using all of his fingers to tickle Jenny and reveals that this was his plan all along. Jenny’s soles get relentless tickling along with her armpits, ribs and belly. Just when she thinks she can’t take anymore tickles, Jim ties up her big toe and pulls out a feather! Jenny laughs hysterically as she endures each stroke of feather and fingers. Jenny starts to quiver as Jim pulls out the ol’ reliable hitachi vibrator, she thinks she’s in for the real playtime she asked for but Jim starts to drag it across her armpits and all over her delicate petite body. Jenny moans as the vibrator glides across her panties and can’t decide is she should giggle or moan. Too late to decide because Jim is already preparing a gag for Jenny’s mouth! With Jenny gagged, his neighbors shouldn’t complain one bit! Jim’s devious plans include tying the hitachi to already bound Jenny and leave her in her bonadge with the hitchachi attached to her pussy for an unkown amount of time!! Until the return in Jim Hunter’s Lair with Jenny Jett!!

Length: 15:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bound Ticklegasm