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NicaNordic – Tickling through all natural

Today I packed my sweet Ella in the cords of the bondage bag . She can hardly move. Perfect for me because today I want to tickle her again. This time without the long artificial nails. I want to see how ticklish she is when I use only my natural nails and fingertips . Fun it makes in any case . On the feet and knees she is particularly ticklish .

Length: 10:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling through all natural

TickleTrouble – Horribly Ticklish Heather

Our Newbie Heather is strapped to the bed, blindfolded and foot tickled for the duration of this clip by her boyfriend. He loves to tickle and with Heather all tied up and strict instructions from Glen to ‘HOLD NOTHING BACK’ – He lets her have it, with fingernails and the brush! Heather has one heck of a laugh when she gets going and boy does she get going in this one!

Length: 5:09
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Horribly Ticklish Heather

AllAboutEve – French Maid Foot Tickle

Evangeline has her legs tied together and her toes bound and is made to sit and resist the various tickling torment tools used on the bottom of her soft soles.

The camera is focused on her feet the majority of the time, cutting to her face laughing only from time to time. She has trouble breathing towards the end because she is laughing so hard

Length: 9:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – French Maid Foot Tickle

AllAboutEve – Vivian gets Tickle Orgasm Denied

We open with Vivian already tied and Gagged to a bed. She struggles against her bonds but has no escape. Slowly Evangeline enters the room and proceeds to tickle Vivians feet with her fingers and a feather.

through the cackles of laughter Vivian tries to find air to breathe. Soon Evangeline is moving up to her sides, tickling her ribs. Then out comes the vibrator.

Vivian is brought to the point of orgasm and then denied.

after this ordeal she is re-tickled. Evangeline has bigger plans for Vivian…this is just the start!

Length: 12:02
Resolution: 1720×968

Download – Vivian gets Tickle Orgasm Denied

TickleLust – Sophias Complete Tickle Session

Sophia , is a good friend of mine who found this experience exciting and “different.”

She’s 21 , and has sexy size 9 Latina soles for the taking. With this combined with her beautiful laughter, this was the perfect candidate to start filming with.

Before filming, Sophia got a fresh pedicure. So her feet were nice and soft, with fresh white toenails.

She starts to go ballistic as this is her first time locked down like this and is in my custom imported stocks from, France.

We tested : Socks vs Bare Soles, Oil, Fingers, Feathers, A Hairbrush, and Electric toothbrush .

The electric tooth brush seemed to work the best, so we decided to tie her toes down and apply some oil and she goes NUTS. The blindfold seemed to make the sensory deprovision more sensitive, which is just what we wanted.

Preview had to be condensed to upload, but was filmed /uploaded in both 4K and HD

You’ll get to experience this quality POV for having an erotic and fun experience with, Sophia’s sexy feet.


Sophia’s Bed Spread Tickle

Sophia , is tied down spread eagle in our custom bed spread restraints and tickled!

Her upper body is so sensitive, especially her under arms. It was a struggle trying to keep her still, but that’s what the bondage is for 😉

As we move around from her upper body, to her sexy feet. We made sure to use some of our tickling tools, such as A Hair Brush .

When we migrated back to her upper body, Sophia was getting a little too loud in our hotel room as she started to scream when we got around her armpits. You will see me cuffing her mouth a few times, when we decided to turn up the heat .

Sophia, was getting so sweaty and hot as we worked her petite Latina Body.

We hope you enjoy this bundle as much as we did, put yourself in my dominant POV in both: 4K and HD as we discover Sophia’s most ticklish secrets!

Length: 17:49
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Sophias Complete Tickle Session