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SVProductions – Tickle Interrogation

Little Rampage found out Scarlett Venom has been messaging her boyfriend behind her back. She doesn’t take kindly to anyone speaking to her boyfriend. Little Rampage wasn’t able to go through his messages cause he changed the passcode on his phone. She’s going to find out exactly what they were talking about, Scarlett is extremely ticklish and plans on using that weakness to her advantage.

Length: 8:56
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Tickle Interrogation

SVProductions – Tickle Revenge

Monica went to grab coffee and didn’t bother to tell anyone else in the house that she was going. All the girls always go on coffee runs together or at the very least ask if somebody wants something when they go. Scarlett, Kitty, Rhonda and Heavenly have a way to getting their message across that you don’t do coffee runs without your friends.

Length: 9:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Revenge

LatinaBondage – Mimi & Emma Intense, Lenghty Hogtied and Ring Gagged Tickling Torment with Oil and Brush – Then Roles Reverse!

Mimi and Emma, two sexy roommates, were lounging on the bed, engaged in their usual gossip session. In a moment of careless honesty, Mimi confessed to Emma that she had with her boyfriend. Shocked and hurt, Emma was determined to make things right. She retrieved some supplies—a roll of itchy jute rope, a metal ring gag, oil, and a brush—and set her plan in motion.

Emma tightly bound Mimi in a hogtie position, rendering her barely able to move. With Mimi securely restrained, Emma began a relentless tickle torment. Starting with Mimi’s soles, Emma tickled her relentlessly for a grueling 15 minutes, causing Mimi to laugh uncontrollably.

To intensify Mimi’s torment, Emma gagged her with a large metal ring gag, making her drool and humiliate her further. Adding a blindfold heightened Mimi’s vulnerability, leaving her at Emma’s mercy.

Using oil and a hairbrush, Emma continued to torment Mimi’s soles, pushing her further into a state of helpless laughter and desperation. Eventually, Emma left Mimi alone to suffer in her bonds, but Mimi managed to free herself.

Now, it was Emma’s turn to endure the torment. Bound in the same hogtie position as Mimi, Emma found herself at the mercy of her vengeful roommate. Mimi subjected Emma to the same relentless tickle torment, discovering that Emma was even more ticklish than she had anticipated.

With each stroke of the hairbrush and each application of oil, Emma’s laughter grew louder, her pleas for mercy falling on deaf ears. Mimi, reveling in Emma’s helplessness, gagged her with a humiliating metal spider gag, silencing her protests.

Blindfolded and gagged, Emma could only gasp and squirm as Mimi continued her relentless tickling. The combination of sensory deprivation and tickling pushed Emma to the brink, her mind consumed by overwhelming sensations.

As the torment continued unabated, Emma wondered if she would ever escape from this bondage nightmare, trapped in a cycle of laughter, tears, and pleading with no end in sight.

Length: 41:29
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Mimi & Emma Intense, Lenghty Hogtied and Ring Gagged Tickling Torment with Oil and Brush – Then Roles Reverse!

SKFetish – Breaking in the New Girl

Scarlett, Savannah, and Macy need to break in their new friend, Stella, if she ever wants to hang with them. Stella needs to endure tickles, spanks, slaps, belly button poking, hair pulling, finger sucking and more humiliation. The girls fawn over their new play thing, excited to create a new slut for them to tie up and use whenever they want.

Length: 7:56
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Breaking in the New Girl

SKFetish – Lucie’s First Tickling Session

Lucie Ledoux’s hands are strung up to a pole above her head, making her completely vulnerable for armpit and side tickles from tickler Stella. She writhes around, never being able to escape the tickles. Stella sensually tickles until she finds the right spot on Lucie, then holds on it until Lucie can’t take it anymore.

Length: 3:52
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Lucie’s First Tickling Session