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SydneyLogan – Indica Tagteam Tickled

SydneyLogan - Indica Tagteam TickledUncategorized SydneyLogan - Indica Tagteam TickledUncategorized

It’s an oily tickle time for Indica in the dreaded hogtie position. Sydney and Sablique do not start off slowly, Sydney adds oil to one foot to tickle as Sablique tickles the other one still naturally dry. They test out whether or not the dry or oily foot tickles more before they take turns raking their nails on both oiled up slippery soles. Then they start tickling the backs of her thighs, in between, and move up to her upper body while simultaneously tickling her feet. They even add oil to her armpits, sides, and stomach to make it easier to glide their nails on her skin. They roll her over onto her back to get at her super sensitive sides, ribs, and stomach…even giving her raspberries! Sydney uses her teeth to tickle Indica’s feet. Not one part of her body is left untouched in this double tickling!

Length: 11:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Indica Tagteam Tickled

SydneyLogan – Feather Sensitive

SydneyLogan - Feather SensitiveUncategorized SydneyLogan - Feather SensitiveUncategorized

Sydney tells Bri she wants to get a feather tattoo, like the tattoos that Bri has. Bri whips out a feather and taunts Sydney asking her how she would be able to get a tattoo of a feather when just being around a real feather makes her nervous and giggle. She tickles Sydney with the feather and then Sydney ends up tied down in the bedroom. Bri takes the feather and tickles Sydney all over, then uses her fingers to tickle Sydney, all the while taunting her and telling her that the only way she could get a feather tattoo is if she would be able to withstand all this tickling!

Length: 11:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Feather Sensitive

SydneyLogan – Be A Good Girl Sydney & Sydney’s Revenge

SydneyLogan - Be A Good Girl Sydney & Sydney's RevengeUncategorized SydneyLogan - Be A Good Girl Sydney & Sydney's RevengeUncategorized

Part 1 (11 minutes): Sydney may have gotten herself in over her head in this tickling clip. Her friend Bri Summers has always wanted to tie Sydney up and tickle her, and now she finally has her chance. Sydney agrees to let her friend have 10 minutes to do what she pleases and that is exactly what Bri does. She starts out teasing Sydney with her VERY long nails, Sydney accidentally breaks out the restraints which only excites Bri more. After redoing her ties, Bri goes all in tickling Sydney everywhere. You can tell Bri has never gotten a chance to tickle Sydney like this before and is finding it very amusing. After a few minutes, Bri brings out the HITACHI, using it to tease and tickle Sydney into fits of giggles and sexual frustration. She never lets Sydney cum and just tickles her more every time she gets her turned on. After the ten minutes is up and the timer goes off, Sydney is so relieved, however, as the camera turns off, you can start to see and Sydney could assure you…the TICKLING did not! There is a lot of teasing, flirting, and even a little light spanking with this very sexy clip! Part 2 (2 minutes): Bri RELUCTANTLY allowed me to get short revenge tickle on her after the hitachi tickle torment she put me through. This was her FIRST TIME being tied and tickled ever so I agreed to only do a very short clip for her first time and to VERY nice. She’s extremely ticklish so it took some convincing to get her in the restraints in the beginning. Don’t worry though, there will be more tickling of Bri out in other clips! She’s super sensitive and nervous and squirms and squeals a lot. She absolutely hates having her armpits tickled and calls it her “forbidden spot”. I went light on her in this clip, but next time, I won’t be so nice 😉

Length: 13:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Be A Good Girl Sydney & Sydney’s Revenge