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TiedNTickled – Why Tickle Me So Much

Mistress Aiden Starr and Holly Heart are having fun making out on the couch when Aiden surprises her with a vibrator. But Aiden is a wicked and sadistic mistress, she’s just not going to let Holly get off for free. One of mistress’ hands sticks the vibrator between Holly’s legs, the other tickles poor Holly. Holly’s feet are so ticklish that she’s gasping and snorting in no time, begging Aiden to stop, which she does, but only so she can move up to Holly’s equally ticklish armpits! Next, Mistress Aiden torments Holly by vibrating her pussy and tickling her armpits. Poor holly doesn’t know whether to laugh or cum, as she squirms uncontrollably in Aiden’s grasp, laughing so hard she snorts and coughs! Aiden moves down to her feet, making her laugh even harder. She wants to cum so bad, but with Aiden tickling her soles, she can’t focus enough to get herself over the edge. She finally gets there, moaning with pleasure until Aiden increases the tickling, ruining her orgasm!

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TiedNTickled – What Is That Sound

Mistress Dee Severe has tickled hundreds of girls, but none of them has made a noise quite like Allie James! It’s somewhere between a squeal and a wheeze, and it gets higher in pitch the more she’s tickled! Allie is strapped to the kennel, and in no time the feather duster from behind has her laughing and squirming. Mistress quickly determines that Allie is ticklish just about everywhere, but especially on the butt, under her boobs and in the armpits. After some solid finger tickling, the Evil Tickle Torturess brings out the notorious electric toothbrush for Allie’s ribs, thighs and armpits. Allie begs her to stop, but that just makes her go harder! Mistress Dee finishes with a quick burst of “ants” and a promise to return.

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TiedNTickled – Tickle Torture Class 101

Professor Dee Severe, the Evil Tickle Torturess, has the lovely Tina Kay spread out on her desk for her introduction to tickling. After a quick once-over with the purple duster, she starts with Tina’s feet, digging her nimble fingers into Tina’s arches and making her squeal! Next is the butt, not so ticklish. From there it’s the armpits, which seem to be the most ticklish of all. The knees are a little ticklish, as are the boobs. When the Torturess breaks out green motorized duster, Tina melts into bliss as Dee runs it over her tits, armpits and pussy. The Torturess isn’t here to make Tina happy though…so it’s back to the fingers on the feet and armpits. Next it’s time for the true tickle test…the sonic toothbrush. While the duster on her tits was soothing, when the Torturess applies the sonic brush to Tina’s nipples, she jumps and shrieks. Tina tries to defend herself by kicking, but it’s no use. The Torturess always wins in the end!

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TiedNTickled – The Willing Tickle Subject

Mistress Dee Severe, the Evil Tickle Torturess, has the lovely Raven Rocket tied down in her lair, all ready for some tickle torture. Mistress goes right to work on Ravens pussy, using the spinning green duster to make her wiggle and squirm. Raven loves to have her feet played with, so of course the Tortures obliges! When Mistress moves up for boob tickling, Raven suggests she focus on the nipple, as they are the most ticklish. She was right, and the sonic toothbrush is just the tool for them. When Mistress goes for the knees, Raven mentions that the tops aren’t very ticklish, but that she should try the undersides. Raven is so helpful! Between the toes, on the edge of the pussy, on the butt, the ribs, Mistress gives Raven a thorough workout. When Mistress Dee starts to tickle her hands, she suggests the palms and says she should also try the creases of her arms, again, so helpful! Mistress ends with a good, hard finger tickling and then leaves Raven to rest.

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TiedNTickled – The Tickle Enforcer

A young lady is in big trouble with her personal trainer for not doing the frequent workouts her boyfriend is paying for… So her trainer sends The Tickle Enforcer to punish her & teach her a lesson.

Not only does The Enforcer use her fingers to tickle the helplessly bound naked female all over…. but she has also brought some of her favorite implements of tickle torture, including a feather duster & electric toothbrush.

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TiedNTickled – Smile Big For Me Charli!

Both parts of “Smile for me Charli” edited together for a reduced price. Kelsey Obsession has Charli Piper laid out on her desk, naked and vulnerable, perfect for some tickling. She quickly works her way up and down Charli’s body, searching for all of the most ticklish spots. She can tell by Charli’s laughter that the armpits are very sensitive. She tells Charli to smile when she laughs, to show how much she likes it. Kelsey discovers that her nipples are very sensitive, and when she tickles her feet, poor Charlie starts gasping and quivering! But Kelsey has a secret weapon- her tongue! When she licks Charli’s armpit it’s almost too much! Charli wiggles and squirms, but she can’t escape Kelsey’s evil clutches Kelsey orders her to smile like a pretty girl as she licks her armpit. She can’t tell is Charli is laughing or crying. She tickles her inner thighs, feeling the muscles tighten under her fingertips. Charli’s tits bounce as she digs into her armpits, and she gasps when Kelsey tickles her bellybutton with her tongue! She sounds like a little moose when Kelsey goes for her feet, and gasps when she tickles her shoulders. After leaving no spot un-tickled, Kelsey finally leaves Charli to recover, but she promises to return!

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TiedNTickled – Big Curvy Tickle Torture – All 3 Parts Together

All three parts of one of our most popular clips of the year, edited together for a reduced price. The voluptuous Delilah Black has stumbled into the Evil Tickle Torturess’ lair, tied defenseless on the couch, with all of her tickle spots exposed. Mistress D Severe starts by trying all of the usual tickle spots in search of Delilah’s weaknesses. She quickly finds a couple- the armpits, behind the ears and on the soles of the feet- and has Delilah laughing hysterically and begging to stop. Soon, she’s joined by BBW fetish star Kelly Shibari in tickling big, beautiful Delilah. Kelly is new to tickling, but she learns quickly, going right for one of Delilah’s feet! Poor Delilah thinks she’s going to faint, but Mistress Dee reassures her that she’s just going to laugh a lot. And laugh she does as Kelly attacks her with a pair of feather dusters and Mistress breaks out the electric toothbrush. Sensing that Kelly is a natural tickler, Mistress Dee teaches her her favorite game, “Ants”Â157; before leaving her alone with Delilah. Kelly is rapidly getting the hang of the electric toothbrush. She has Delilah giggling uncontrollably as she attacks every inch of her body. It seems there isn’t an inch of Delilah that isn’t ticklish!

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TiedNTickled – Tara Lynn Foxx Tickle Virgin! – Full Clip, Part 1 & 2

Both parts of Tara Lynn Foxx: Tickle Virgin edited together for a reduced price. We were thrilled to be working with gorgeous porn star Tara Lynn Foxx — check out her hot foot job action in our "Severe Sex" store #14494! But could we pass up the opportunity to tickle torture Tara as well? Of course not! Restraints were no problem since our shooting space had a home gym with just the perfect piece of equipment. And Mistress D Severe was in full Evil Tickle Torturess mode, ready to make Tara's very first tickle victim experience a memorable one! She starts out slow with a fuzzy duster but soon progresses to the classic — hard armpit tickling, as well as the nefarious battery powered toothbrushes! However, Tara doesn't seem tortured, she's letting out squeals of delight! She actually enjoys the toothbrushes on her armpits, her pussy and under her boobs. So the Evil Tickle Torturess goes back to old-fashioned hand tickling, eliciting the cutest trilling noises from her victim. But is she really a victim when she enjoys it so much?

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TiedNTickled – Eden’s Easy – All 3 Parts Together!

All three parts of "Eden's Easy" edited together for a reduced price. Eden Alexander has come down from San Francisco to visit the Evil Tickle Torturess, Mistress D Severe. Mistress quickly learns that Eden has a very ticklish pussy, tits and ass. In no time at all Eden is wriggling and squealing, laughing and screaming. Pretty soon she's coughing and gasping for air! Tickling really is torture (although Eden seems to enjoy it quite a bit! Next, Mistress D is joined by Zoey Holloway, which means four hands to tickle Eden Alexander. Poor Eden is squealing and shaking in no time as the two ladies engage in an all-over tickle assault with their agile fingers. When Mistress D brings out the electric toothbrush for Eden's boobs, pussy and feet, she brings her victim to a whole new level of tickle frenzy. When the Mistress teaches Zoey her notorious "ANTS!" game,, Eden doesn't know if she can take it, and is soon hyperventilating from all the attention. Finally, Mistress leaves Zoey alone with the very ticklish Eden. Zoey is managing to make Eden scream just with the anticipation of the electric toothbrush. When Zoey brings in the feather duster, Eden begs for mercy! It seems poor Eden is very sensitive to feathers. Zoey doesn't care, and soon Eden is bouncing up and down, shrieking with laughter…

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