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HoustonFootFetish – Jacob, you’re the worst roommate ever!!!! Again!!

Jacob’s back at it again, this video picks up directly after the upper body tickle clip titled “Jacob, you’re the worst roommate ever!!!! Again!!” and focuses more on the foot tickling aspect. Honey, Jessica, and Stacy Luxxx are all still on the couch waiting for Jacob to make some popcorn since it’s still movie night for the three biracial beauties as they are still watching the same horror flick from the previously mentioned clip. Jacob, however, has devious plans on his own as he expertly is able to multi-task making some popcorn and simultaneously tickling all three of the mixed-race women’s feet in a seamless flow as he rotates between the trio tickling their delicate pink soles one by one. Honey, Jessica, and Stacy find his tickling antics to be quite nerve racking and are visibly annoyed that they aren’t able to watch the movie in peace, but that doesn’t deter Jacob in the least bit thankfully. He is sure to evenly distribute the tickling amongst the three of them while constantly being reminded to not forget about the popcorn he is supposed to be preparing, not realizing that popcorn is not at the top of Jacob’s priority list. One thing is for sure, Jacob absolutely loves when Stacy invites her ticklish friends over to hang out, whether she’s aware of it or not!!!

Length: 14:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jacob, you’re the worst roommate ever!!!! Again!!

HoustonFootFetish – Tekken Tickle Tournament (Deluxe Edition)

Apricot Pitts and Lua Saturnii are two sexy gamer girls who are very competitive with each other when it comes to fighting games. Their favorite game of choice is Tekken 7 on the playstation 4 and they just recently started to play a session to pass the time and have fun. To make it interesting though, Lua and Apricot decide to add in a fun stipulation/punishment for losing a round. Whoever loses gets their bare feet mercilessly tickled by the other person to their hearts content! So now there’s added pressure and motivation on both sides not to lose a single round or the consequences are loud laughter as they are both terribly ticklish, especially on the bottom of their soft pink soles! They both know this about each other and take full advantage whenever they win a match and get to tickle torment the other! The fact that they both get to be the Ler and the Lee depending on how the round goes makes it that much more exciting!

Length: 18:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tekken Tickle Tournament (Deluxe Edition)

HoustonFootFetish – Vicky V It’s the spot not the foot that’s ticklish (Alt Angle)

Vicky V makes her official foot tickling debut on the Houston Foot Fetish clips4sale studio! She has an elegant and slender pair of very ticklish size 7.0″ feet. Her laughter is both infectious and contagious that’ll drive you harder to tickle her to her absolute limits to get even more of that addicting laughter from her. She tries her best to maintain her composure and resist, but her feet are just too ticklish for her to take it for more than a solid second or two at the most. Vicky V is the ideal lee as her reactions are all natural and candid and over the top as she is one of the most extremely ticklish women, I’ve come across so far, especially on the bottom of her delicate pink soles!!!

Length: 10:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Vicky V It’s the spot not the foot that’s ticklish (Alt Angle)

HoustonFootFetish – Are you sure we’re getting paid for this (Multi Angle)

Vika and Whitney both are a little suspicious about a recent craigslist ad they answered recently. They both showed up to the address but suspect something is off with this supposed paid gig for a simple interview on a couch. The interviewer shows up and they are still very wary and have tons of questions regarding the validity of this supposed “paid” opportunity. The interviewer, soon to be InterviewLER, does his best to reassure the pair that this is a legit opportunity and quickly tries to bypass their questions and concerns. He goes to move things along by asking them about their ticklishness and even goes as far as removing Whitney’s high heel which instantly freaks both of them out, as they think he is some kind of perverted creep up to no good. Whitney instantly erupts in laughter after the InterviewLER begins to tickle her bare feet. Vika is concerned but still sits there because she wants to know if this is a sham or not. Once he reassures both of them that they will get paid for their time and effort in this project, their whole tone and demeanor changes for the better! Vika and Whitney now gladly let the host remove their high heel one by one and begin tickling their soles to his hearts content now knowing that they are being paid hourly for it. This motivates Vika and Whitney to tough it out as they are being tickled both rapidly and mercilessly and they can’t help but laugh and scream at the top of their lungs the entire time as he alternates back and forth tickling both of their feet. At one point he manages to get his arm wrapped around their legs and begins to blitz tickle all 4 of their feet at once, making for an explosive amount of laughter from the pair. Once the tickle experiment is over Vika and Whitney feel a lot more comfortable with the situation and already ready to come back another time for a 2nd round and even invite some of their friends to join in on the foot tickling fun as well!

Length: 13:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Are you sure we’re getting paid for this (Multi Angle)

HoustonFootFetish – Madame Meiko’ & Claire Black (Fetcon 2022 Foot Tickling Frenzy)

Sexy and exotic Fetigang models Claire Black and Madame’ Meiko are booked for a private foot tickling session while attending Fetcon. Once at location they are told to make them more at ease and comfortable they will not be restrained or tied up with any rope since this is the first time the Ler has booked them, and he wants to earn their trust and build a rapport before any of that happens. Little did they both know that this Ler is very good at reverse engineering their most sensitive ticklish areas of their feet, so they were basically drawn into a false sense of security as this is pretty much an ultra-intense endurance tickle session and they fell for it hook, line and sinker. Ther Ler uses many different tickle torment devices and even has it to where he can tickle both of their bare feet at the same time for maximum laughter and ticklish fun for the viewer of this private session! They are immediately overwhelmed with laughter, and it gets so hectic for Meiko at one point she grabs a pillow and attacks the Ler with it to get him to stop with the blitz tickling. At another point Claire is so winded that she begins to wheeze and breathe heavy like a baby Pug which was both hilarious and a testament to how well & thorough the Ler is tickling them both. This is definitely an instant classic for both tickling and foot tickling enthusiasts alike & a must have for your clip collection. These two gorgeous foreign models were such a good sport and really put on a great tickling show for the viewers. A true out of the park homerun of a tickling clip!!!!!

Length: 12:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Madame Meiko’ & Claire Black (Fetcon 2022 Foot Tickling Frenzy)

HoustonFootFetish – Our milky white soles are so tender, PLEASE don’t tickle them! (Side View)

Lua Saturnii and Apricot Pitts are two sexy gamer girls, one blonde & the other brunette with long slender pink soles! They have extremely sensitive feet and abhor being tickled as they are prone to bouts of uncontrollable laughter and involuntary muscle spasms as they twist, turn, & struggle to get away from the Ler. While being tickled both relentlessly and mercilessly they beg, plead, and scream for the Ler to stop his tickle torment on their pool helpless bare feet. They are both turned around facing away from the Ler giving a nice upskirt view of them while they are being tickled. They erupt in laughter every single time one of their sensitive soles is touched, rather it be by hand or one of the many tickle torment tools used to facilitate the immense laughter from this tickle session. Lua and Apricot are both taken to their absolute limits during the course of this video, and it shows, as the few breaks they get they can clearly be seen and heard desperately trying to catch their breath from pure exhaustion combined with laughing so hard from the constant stimulation that comes with being tickled while having delicate goth girl feet! Once the Ler is done tickling Lua and Apricot, they both are out of breath and trying to recover from the immense amount of tickle punishment that was just inflicted on them as Apricot utters under her breath “I feel so defeated.” They both look exhausted, and their hair is all over the place, all true signs that this was an epic upskirt tickle on these two innocent and unsuspecting gamer girls!!!!

Length: 10:29
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Our milky white soles are so tender, PLEASE don’t tickle them! (Side View)

HoustonFootFetish – Tied up and TENSING doesn’t help!!!!!

This is a fun foot tickling clip with Goddess Honey and Claire Black. This is their first time being tickled on camera together at once and trust me they do not fail to disappoint! They definitely bring the laughs, good lucks, charm and wit along with positive vibes to the forefront & it shows. They are both very ticklish despite what they initially say at the beginning of the video when asked to quantify it on a scale from “1 to 10”. Their loud and intense laughter throughout the remainder of the video clearly says otherwise. As per usual a variety of different tickling gadgets and tools are used in addition to the old-fashioned way with bare hands of course. Their laughter is very addicting as well as adorably cute as they are tied up and unable to escape or hide from the tickling torment. Honey offers Claire a bit of advice about tensing up her feet when the back scratcher tool is applied to her feet. Unfortunately, for Claire, this advice is not helpful as she is too terribly ticklish on the bottom of her delicate meaty soles for it to matter much as she still erupts with massive laughter with relatively little to no ease. They are taken all the way to their absolute foot tickling limit before the tickle blitz stops and they are allowed a breather before the clip finally ends and they are untied. After a great and fun tickling experience like this hopefully another exclusive tickling clip with these two ladies can happen again in the future, but until then feel free to enjoy this instant classic!!!

Length: 13:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tied up and TENSING doesn’t help!!!!!

HoustonFootFetish – Vika Tickled Topless (Fixed Cam)

Vika is having her daily early morning skinny dip routine as per usual. She likes to come out in a robe and then slowly strip down naked before doing her early morning stretches in her private pool located inside her backyard. She swims forward getting ready to start off but then she notices her good friend who enjoys tickling her bare feet is already there waiting on her. She calls him out on this and makes it very clear and apparent that she just wants to stretch in peace this morning. Those plans of hers immediately go awry when the Ler starts to tickle her wet and naked size 9.5 tender soles anyway. Vika bursts out into uncontrollable laughter at this because her feet are ultra-ticklish, especially when they are already soaking wet from pool water. This tickling only gets more frequent and intense as Vika innocently tries to continue her morning stretching every time, she puts one of her poor feet up on the pool’s edge she is swiftly tickled relentlessly each time resulting in another loud bout of uncontrollable laughter! Each time she sweetly acts him to stop in a joking manner and wonders over and over is the Ler ever going to let her stretch and do her normal routine in peace without being tickled again & again. To her dismay, as she tries to put both feet up simultaneously and float, she is met with even more feet tickling that completely breaks her concentration. She grows even more annoyed and asks her friend/Ler if she lets him just get it all out of his system will he stop tickling her and leave her be. He cheekily agrees as she puts her foot up and tells him to go ahead and get it over with as she tries her best to keep her foot elevated and just take the intense tickling without pulling it away. The Ler goes to town tickling her as she surprisingly has high tolerance, she thinks this is the last of the tickling even though she is erupting with laughter as he does so. Unfortunately to her surprise, once this is done as soon as she puts both her feet back up the Ler still tickles her afterwards and she is absolutely distraught that he is still going to tickle her anyway even though he just promised that wouldn’t. The video ends after the Ler continues to tickle both her bare feet even when she begs and pleads with him to stop and just let her float there innocently in peace which he eventually does as he watches her sexy naked body just float there in exhaustion from being tickled so much!!!

Length: 13:16
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Vika Tickled Topless (Fixed Cam)

HoustonFootFetish – Weekend Warrior Hippie gets a trial by fire

Sexy amazon hippie, Sablique Von Lux, is tied & bound with rope and is just trying to figure out what is going on exactly. She is confronted and accused of being a traitor to the cause and a weekend warrior who is not really the hardcore tree hugger she often claims to be. Her feet are mercilessly and vigorously tickled until she confesses that she likes to indulge in big name brand coffee chains, uses harmful nail polish, and is not eating non-GMO foods. She doesn’t want to admit it at first but after being tickled to her limits and beyond without a break, she eventually relents and has no other choice than to confess and accept her intense tickling punishment as atonement. Let’s just hope the intense and loud laughter she expelled into the universe while getting her size 9.5″ feet tickled nonstop gives the trees back much needed carbon dioxide as a fair trade!!!

Length: 12:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Weekend Warrior Hippie gets a trial by fire

HoustonFootFetish – An unexpected mix-up (LSSP Foot Tickle)

A series of complicated events and a schedule mix-up results in Houston Foot Fetish thinking he’s at the NTC (National Tickling Convention) but turns out its the LSSP. He books two up and coming models, Princess Sophia and Kiki Cali, under the guise of it being a tickle torment session but they are under the impression that it’s going to be an intense spanking session instead. What started as a crazy misunderstanding instead turns into a hilarious and unexpected fun and new experience for all three of them, as Kiki and Sophia have never been tickled before. Especially while having their ankles tied and restrained with rope at the same time!!

Length: 12:41
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – An unexpected mix-up (LSSP Foot Tickle)