HoustonFootFetish – Lauren Sophia I told you I was a 20 on a scale from 1 to 10!!! (Extended cut compilation)

This is the long awaited and long anticipated & even long overdue tickling video FEETuring the beautiful bombshell brunette Lauren Sophia!! Since this is an exclusive video of Lauren Sophia being tickled that you won’t find anywhere else on any other platform why not hit the ground running and bundle both tickle videos into one extended clip that’s over 20 minutes long. No other studio can say they have this beauty being tickled so this is premium tickling footage and you better believe it’s an instant classic so best add it to your cart ASAP!! As you can see from the preview of this homerun of a clip Lauren Sophia is EXTREMELY TICKLISH all over her body. Especially her size 9.5′ long slender soles. This clip features both her feet and upper body being tickled in 2 separate yet unique clips and she goes absolutely bonkers whenever her sensitive feet or armpits are even slightly touched, which makes her over the top yet genuine reactions even more visually satisfying for tickle enthusiasts. These clips were film back-to-back so it’s also considered to be a tickle blitz video so poor Lauren did not receive any kind of break or breather in between filming. In addition to all of this, and not shown in the preview various tickle torment devices were used to tickle Lauren’s feet and other areas which drove her beyond crazy when she was subjected to them which made for very good scenes. On a side note, since Lauren has braces at the time of this video seeing her laugh hysterically with her braces showing made for a stunning visual aesthetic. Be sure to get your fix because Lauren currently isn’t’ filming or active so this is the only circulating footage of her being thoroughly tickled before her hiatus. Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss out on this bundled 2 for 1 video compilation so go ahead and pick it up and thank me later!!!!

Length: 21:42
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lauren Sophia I told you I was a 20 on a scale from 1 to 10!!! (Extended cut compilation)

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