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SoleMatesFootography – Who Has Ticklish Feet

Who has ticklish feet? Spoiler alert: it’s Zoe, Samiya, and Brooke!

We’ve got another three-pack for you today, foot fans! First up is Samiya, our one and only Indian model in two short clips of close-up foot tickling… then comes Zoe, my big-footed gal pal who can’t help but laugh when the paintbrush goes between the toes. The grand finale, though, is Brooke; a tattooed BBW who we first featured quite some time ago in what I consider one of her best bits. See her laugh, snort, and threaten my life(!) as I tickle her gold-polished toes… but she can’t go anywhere, gang. Not with her ankles strapped down, anyway!

Length: 15:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Who Has Ticklish Feet

SoleMatesFootography – Summer is Ticklish

We’ve got a real treat for you today, foot fans! This former TA model landed in my lap (literally!) due to a brief bit of luck and happenstance, and now I’m bringing her beautiful feet and screamingly ticklish laughter to you!

This clip starts out with a nice closeup of Summer’s bare foot, which I gently tickle with a wide paintbrush and my own fingers before moving on to explore more. Some belly and rib tickling teases at the potential for far more (…coming soon!), before I widen the shot and return to tickling her feet so that you can see every lovely inch of her suffering

Length: 6:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Summer is Ticklish

SoleMatesFootography – Sora’s Initiation

Sora Morbid is, as her name would suggest, a spooky Goth chick with an interest in things which Man was not meant to know (…but are okay for women to know, apparently). So I spun some story about being the leader of a tickle cult looking for a virgin sacrifice to offer up to the pending eclipse and she hopped right on board.

Well, not really. But it would have been fun, no? Join Sora as she’s “initiated” into the Sole Mates roster in this, her debut clip wherein I gently (and ticklishly) get to know her pale, pale feet and sparkly blue toes. It took her a little while to warm up (and for me to find the best ways to tickle her), so her reactions are a bit subdued… but if you like squirmy, giggly Goth girls who are desperately trying to just not bust out laughing (image, y’know!) and keep a dark demeanor, this is your jam

Length: 6:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sora’s Initiation

SoleMatesFootography – RED

Hold on to your hats, tickle fans, and say hello to Kim… a pretty Pinay whose feet are simply off the HOOK.

Join Kim (and me!) for an absolutely tickle-tastic good time, wherein she probably utterly regrets giving me the rundown on all of the best ways to tickle her senseless. Although you can bring her to tears in pretty much any way you like, it’s the tops of her feet that make her start taking the Lord’s name in vain. And, of course, that’s pretty much where I spend most of my attention.

Fun fact: “Red” is my official safeword, and this video is so named because I heard it a LOT during this shoot.

Length: 9:07
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – RED

SoleMatesFootography – Lolly’s Greatest Hits

LADIIIIIIIEEEEEEES AAAAAND GENTLEMEN! If I may direct your attention back to the center ring, I’m sure that you’ll find that we have quite a treat in store for you today, with the return of Lolly Gagger, the world’s most ticklish clown!

Lolly wowed audiences with a series of clips for Sole Mates in 2014, and we’ve returned to that footage to put together this collection of my favorite giggles n’ gags from the Goofy Goddess herself, some of which have never been seen before today! That’s right, tickle fans… not only have we assembled some of Lolly’s best material from videos past, but there may just be a few previously-unreleased segments in there… BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Enjoy a selected series of outtakes showcasing the lighter side of filming a tickle session with a daffy doll who acts silly for a living. And that last bit? Absolutely free. So if you’ve never had the opportunity to experience the wonder that is Lolly Gagger, now’s your chance

Length: 19:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lolly’s Greatest Hits

SoleMatesFootography – Mya Mega-Pack 2

Smokin’-hot Instagram foot model Mya of MyasPlayground returns in a two-pack of clips guaranteed to tickle your fancy as much as I tickled her feet!

Enjoy close-in foot tickling as well as a few wide shots with a variety of tools; fingers, feathertips (both fluffy and pointy), paintbrushes, and sonic toothbrushes, exploiting every ticklish surface, nook, and cranny on Mya’s utterly gorgeous, pedicured, tattooed feet… including under and between her toes. Is there a particular reason I mentioned that? Hmm, could be

Length: 13:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mya Mega-Pack 2

SoleMatesFootography – Carnival of Laughter Pt 3 Tummy Trouble

LADIEEEEES AAAAAND GENTLEMEN! Welcome to the Carnival of Laughter, a special event wherein I, your intrepid Carny, will explore what it is that brings laughter to the world.

Joining me on this wondrous expedition is Lolly Gagger, the most amazing and wondrous clown from the city of perpetual partying, New Orleans! She’s in town for one night only, and we’ve got her!

In our third and final act, Lolly gets more tickling than she can stomach, as her corset is peeled away to reveal a very ticklish tummy. Belly laughs abound as we bring our show to a close… and in joining us, we hope you’ve had rib-tickling good time.

Length: 8:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Carnival of Laughter Pt 3 Tummy Trouble