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TickleAbuse – The Foot

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TickleAbuse - The FootTickleAbuse TickleAbuse - The FootTickleAbuse

For months a girl name Roxanne has been sending me pictures of her feet, always of one foot or both feet with one shoe off. She was torturing me with the teasing pictures, telling me how ticklish she is and how she is thinking about doing a video to show off her feet. Finally I put her in touch with Tasha and she assured her that we would take care of her, that being a girl, she would make sure she was treated with respect. Well once she gets in the stocks, Tasha forgets all about the comforting things she says, lol. Tasha punishes her gorgeous size 7 feet, her body too. The toothbrush absolutely drives her insane.

Duration: 8:54.829
Size: 251,931 Mb

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TickleAbuse – Squirt To Tears

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TickleAbuse - Squirt To TearsTickleAbuse TickleAbuse - Squirt To TearsTickleAbuse

Andi likes to cum, especially when she is around Kelli. Kelli is going to make her cum and squirt, over and over again, more than 5 times. She starts her off with some serious tickling, both feet, body and of course her nipples. She denies her permission to cum at first, but once Andi cums, Kelli makes her cum again and again. Even Andi has a limit, and Kelli finally breaks her, Andi cannot take anymore stimulation on her sensitive pussy. She breaks down and begins to cry, begging for Kelli to stop.

Duration: 18:34.817
Size: 538,929 Mb

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TickleAbuse – Barely Legal Bridgitte

TickleAbuse - Barely Legal BridgitteTickleAbuse TickleAbuse - Barely Legal BridgitteTickleAbuse

Bridgitte is barely legal, just turned 18 and eager to finally do some things she wasnt able to before. I dont have to say how ridiculously cute she is nor how hot her young and tender size 7 feet are. Brooke is drooling over her, she loves new girls and really wants to give her an 18th birthday she wont soon forget.

Duration: 7:52.321
Size: 213,425 Mb

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TickleAbuse – TickleAbuse X Gorgeous Danielle On Her Back

TickleAbuse - TickleAbuse X Gorgeous Danielle On Her BackTickleAbuse TickleAbuse - TickleAbuse X Gorgeous Danielle On Her BackTickleAbuse

This is the next installment of the TickleAbuseX series. Brooke and Danielle went out to a local bar, the guys were all over them, especially Danielle who is looking hotter than ever. Brooke has been wanting Danielle for so long, but Danielle just wants to be friends. Brooke convinces her to take off her shoes, and starts to rub her socked feet. She tickles them and Danielle is taken aback a bit, but she is more submissive in nature and puts up with it. Brooke takes off Danielle’s socks and starts to lick and tickle Danielle’s feet. Danielle thinks this going a little too far and decides its time to leave. Brooke insists they have one more drink, and puts something special in it. Danielle , wakes up stuck to floor, totally helpless, Brooke is going to have some fun. She teases her with feathers, then gets to business. Brooke punishes Danielle’s tanned and toned body with fingers, brush and her tongue. She tortures her feet and pays special attention to her armpits. Brooke always wanted to have her way with Danielle and licks her armpits till Danielle can no longer take it. Danielle isn’t angry though, you can tell she is getting turned on and definitely wont be angry after.

Duration: 16:57.572
Size: 466,22 Mb

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TickleAbuse – Musical Feet

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TickleAbuse - Musical FeetTickleAbuse TickleAbuse - Musical FeetTickleAbuse

If the voice is the best instrument, than laughing is the sweetest music. Keri, Cali, Danielle and Rachel are all on the sofa, on their backs with their bare feet hanging up. Tasha is going to play musical feet, tickling one girl at a time, sometimes too, basically making a symphony of their laughter! She uses her fingernails and to change it up, sneaks in the brush. The winner is Rachel, but she doesnt realize that the winner just gets gang tickled in the end!

Duration: 9:49.164
Size: 267,495 Mb

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TickleAbuse – Double Agent Veronika

TickleAbuse - Double Agent VeronikaTickleAbuse TickleAbuse - Double Agent VeronikaTickleAbuse

It’s New Years Eve and Tickle Abuse is having its annual party on the third floor of our building. Veronika is a recent hire, I took her on to recruit in the heavily Russian neighborhood she lives in to beat a Russian rival producer to the punch. He has been trying to recruit my models and worst trying to find plans for my bondage and my new Tickling Oil, an oil that makes anyone much more sensitive to tickling. But Veronika is a spy, I thought my spy, turns out she is a double agent and is snooping through the studio to catch a glimpse of the new bondage in development and to steal the oil. She breaks in and goes right to room nobody is allowed in. The room houses the Dominator but lately contains my bondage in development, definitely not something for the prying eyes of a spy. I was aware that she may not be one to be trusted, so I am waiting for her and sure I enough I catch her. She is rendered and strapped into the Dominator, and of course she will be the test subject for the new oil. She tries to play it tough, talking in Russian like I don’t know she speaks perfect English. No matter, I apply the oil and tickle her all over. She is tough to break but eventually I get all the information I need.

Duration: 12:40.295
Size: 236,025 Mb

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TickleAbuse – Weekend Tickles

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TickleAbuse - Weekend TicklesTickleAbuse TickleAbuse - Weekend TicklesTickleAbuse

Baby stopped by over the weekend to hang with Tasha, but Tasha had to work so she came along with her to watch some tickling. No way Tasha was going to let her just watch and gets Baby in the Rack. She promises it wont be a long tickle, and it isnt, but Tasha manages to tickle all of her most sensitive spots and do it with no mercy.

Duration: 6:27.615
Size: 193,001 Mb

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