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Viviana’sTicklingVideoVault – Topless Viviana Tickled by Nurse Holly

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Nurse Holly tells me she is finished with my unusual exam, and she won't tickle me anymore. What a relief. She does have to do some x-rays, however, so she cuts my top off. Once she sees me without my shirt on, she forgets all about the x-rays and she starts tickling me again! I can't believe I have to go through more tickling, and this time I'm topless! Nurse Holly tickles my underarms, sides and waist without mercy. Naturally, she can't resist attacking my feet and knees too. This is one mean nurse, and she has me in total hysterics. I get tickled everywhere by Holly, until I just can't take anymore. Finally the doctor returns and makes her stop, otherwise that naughty nurse Holly would've never let me go. 

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Viviana’sTicklingVideoVault – Sergeant Sexy Tickles Viviana 2

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Sergeant Sexy continues her tickle interrogation of me, but I'm not giving in yet! Her long nails are just maddening, they tickle so much when she lightly drags them over my soft skin. She makes sure to hit every one of my ticklish spots, from my super sensitive neck, to my underarms, belly, knees and, of course, my extra ticklish feet. She wants the names of my cohorts in the ring of thieves, but I have to endure the tickle torture and keep my secret. Who's going to win this battle of wills?

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Viviana’sTicklingVideoVault – Aurora and Henchman tickle Wonder Viviana

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Aurora hasn't broken Wonder Viviana yet, so she calls in her henchman to help with the torture. Maybe 2 tickers at once can get Wonder Viviana to reveal the secret of her powerful shoes. Aurora and the henchman tickle her entire body, from her sensitive feet to her soft underarms and everywhere in between. Wonder Viv is really struggling while they tickle her feet and underarms, and she goes especially crazy when they tickle her knees and then find that sweet spot by her hipbones. After 6 minutes of non-stop tickling all over her amazing body, Wonder Viv can take no more! Will our heroine give up the secret?

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Duration: 6:25.203
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Viviana’sTicklingVideoVault – Viviana’s Red Floor Tickle

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This time I'm laying on the floor, with my wrists cuffed, arms overhead, and my ankles cuffed but not tied down. That let me roll around a little bit, but not enough to get away from the torturous tickling! The tickler started off teasing me right away, asking me which body part I wanted tickled first. I wouldn't answer, so of course he went right for my most ticklish area, the waist and sides. Then he tickled my bellybutton and underarms, it seemed like every spot was more ticklish than the last! He went back to my sides again, and he found that exact spot that really makes me go wild. You have to see how hard I'm struggling, trying to get away! Then I get my knees tickled, and finally he moves down to my feet and tortures my sexy soles too. I got tickled on every part of my body in this clip, and this is only part 1. Exhausting, but fun!

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Duration: 4:44.237
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