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TheBKTickler – Macy And The Foot Stocks Sablique’s Revenge

As you all know, Macy divine is not a stranger to being locked in the stocks, but today she’s gonna wish she wasn’t. After she had her fun helping me tickle sablique, macy knew that sablique was going to want to have her fun with her as well. When it started, sablique was toying with her with just one finger. But that finger was very effective. It wasn’t long before laughter spewed out macy’s mouth. Sablique found a spot in between her toes and took full advantage. That laugh turned into screams. sablique and I decided to keep the screams going using every tool that we had on those size 8 soles of Macy. Hairbrushes, the wands, and the mitts working great against soles to the point where she was ready to tap out. The only way to find out if she is by checking it out now!

Length: 8:42
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Macy And The Foot Stocks Sablique’s Revenge

TheBKTickler – Lora’s Tickle Table Debut

Lora abs her beautiful well toned body is about to get some serious tickling.. lemme just started of business saying her armpits are ticklish AF! While digging in them, she had a technique of biting and licking my hands to try and get me to stop.. of course you know that didn’t work. Definitely didn’t work when I combined the armpit and belly combo. Meaning they’re getting tickled at the same time. And her ticklish nipples and got a taste of the wands. Which almost caused her to fall off the table. And since that had great results why not use the wands on the rest of her body abs really make her go crazy. Enjoy watching Lora get the most intense tickling of her life. Available now

Length: 13:47
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Lora’s Tickle Table Debut

TheBKTickler – Vicky And The Foot Stocks

So When I went to Tampa back in April, I finally got to see Vicky vixx again. I owed her a visit since I didn’t get to see her the time before when I was in Tampa. And I didn’t want to catch that hell from her. So when she showed up, the stocks were there waiting for her. Before when I saw her, she wasn’t alone. Bailey Paige was there to share the tickle torment. This time, Vicky had my undivided attention. And that gave her a reason to be nervous. Reminder: she is very…. VERY ticklish. She even admitted to trying desensitizing herself before showing up to deal with what was going to be done to her. But she forgot who she was dealing with for a split second. It wasn’t gonna matter. My fingers to her soles alone was putting her through the most. She couldn’t stay still at all. The long robot-like fingers I used on her were very effective. The anticipation alone from them is what really got her going. But that was nothing compared to the tickle wands we’re doing to her soles. Her screaming “THIS IS SO INTENSE!” Gave that away. And then believe it or not, the hairbrush was just as bad. The screaming from that gave it away too. And it’s available now to see for yourself.

Length: 11:50
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Vicky And The Foot Stocks

TheBKTickler – Vicky And The Foot Stocks (part 2 Featuring Macy Divine)

I wasn’t done with Vicky vixx just yet. Like I said, I had to make it count because I owe her for not seeing her the last time I was in Florida. In this new clip, I wasn’t alone. I had the amazing new model macy divine that is taking the fetish community, let alone the tickle community by storm. She was more excited to participate in this. And I love that kind of enthusiasm. Mostly tools are getting at her soles.. the mitts, the wands, the hairbrushes, pretty much the works! but macy’s sharp nails are the perfect tickle weapon for her soles, and they caused her to scream louder than ever. Which was music to both our ears. Check it out now!

Length: 5:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Vicky And The Foot Stocks (part 2 Featuring Macy Divine)

TheBKTickler – Megan Vs Karly 2 Karly’s Foot-stock Reunion – Part 2

part 2 is what karly salinas had been dreading… but she knew I was going to get involved.. Megan jones already wore her soles out with some intense tickling in part 1. but now it’s time for me to join in and get her even MORE exhausted with some MORE foot tickling. Her feet are super-sensitive, so when I whipped the tools for me and Megan to have fun with, it was a lot for her to handle. Feathers were definitely had her shaking. And slow strokes with the mitts had doing that gremlin laugh that I find so cute. Megan is enjoying it more than I am, even though she know her turn back in the stocks is coming soon. Watch karly barely survive the double tickling now!

Length: 6:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Megan Vs Karly 2 Karly’s Foot-stock Reunion – Part 2

TheBKTickler – Megan Vs Karly 2 Karly’s Foot-stock Return

Karly salinas and Megan jones return for another epic VS battle. And the foot stocks play a huge role in the new battle. They both couldn’t decide to who should go first back in the dreaded foot Stocks. So they let me decide. And of course I chose karly. She was a little annoyed by my decision, because of how ticklish she is…which is very. but I’m not the one she should be that way with, because I won’t be the one to be doing the tickling… at least yet. Megan loves tickling karly so she was excited to work her skills first on karly’s soles. You’re about to hear a lot of karly’s gremlin-like laughter that’s a beauty to hear. Part 1 is available now

Length: 4:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Megan Vs Karly 2 Karly’s Foot-stock Return


Here’s the 2nd part putting schoolgirl onyx Kim in her place due to her misbehaving. I don’t think my tickle discipline technique to her feet was not enough for her soles.. so let’s now how my technique work on the rest of her ticklish body. Available now

Length: 9:14
Resolution: 1280×720



So Dr. BK has a nurse on the staff that looking to become a top podiatrist. And she came to me for some tips on reaching her goal. Well she came to the right person. But she’s about to find out that there’s going to be special training on how to deal with her patients when reaching that title. So she agreed to go through the procedure that her patients will go through. So I asked her to take her socks off and lay her bare feet on the table all ready for the training. I started by massaging her feet to get her loose and comfortable during the procedure. Which she was enjoying very well. Then I gave her oral treatment given to her feet and soles as part of the training. She found unorthodox, but enjoyed that as well. Moaning is strictly normal in a procedure like this. Then I tested her sensitivity of her feet by slowly running my fingers up and down her soles. Which caused her to react in the form of laughter. Meaning that she’s somewhat ticklish. Another technique she found unorthodox but enjoyed very well. And this is just the feet exam. She’s realizing how much work she’ll have to put in be a top member in the field. Check it out now.

Length: 7:25
Resolution: 1920×1080