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TheBKTickler – Ayla Vs Kitty – Kitty – Part 1

You know Kitty Quinn deserves this. Ayla Aysel was jumping for joy to put the tickles on Kitty’s ticklish body. Even with ayla teasing her with her hands and fingers on her belly was enough to get her. I bet you kitty is regretting more and more about crashing in on my shoots. There’s repercussions for actions like that, and I’m happy to condone the tickle treatment she’s getting from Ayla. But do you think it’s enough for her to learn her lesson. Find out now!

Length: 4:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TheBKTickler – Ayla Vs Kitty – Kitty – Part 2

…….comes around. The karma that Kitty Quinn has been dreading.. well more karma actually. Ayla aysel took joy in getting her payback on her crashing the shoot. But this time. She’s about to get a double dose. We all know how ticklish kittys feet are, and we took full advantage of that.. according to Ayla, Kitty loves belly raspberries. So we did a lot of those to her, and even threw in some ass tickling. Who knew Kitty had such a nice ticklish ass. You’re about to find when you purchase the conclusion to an amazing shoot. Available now

Length: 7:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

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TheBKTickler – Bella And The Foot Stocks

Another moment that was a long time coming. I finally get to meet the belle from texas… Bella luxx!! And she was excited to be locked in the foot stocks, if you can believe it. I slowly started on her soles, which sent a surge through her body. But she enjoyed how slow I was going because I like to nice to models when I work with them for the first time. But that all changed the oil was applied to her soles. I saw the fear in her eyes. But that didn’t stop me from wrecking her soles with my fingers and cause her into a frenzy of laughter. My evil ass had to up the ante and use the spike ball and tickle wand at the same to get the bigger reaction out of her because I she was starting to look at me like I was crazy and started to wonder what did she get herself into… which is the perfect reaction that I wanted out of her. And there’s more. Once I blindfolded her, that’s when felt she was in trouble.. i applied the flosser and that didn’t get much of a reaction, but out of nowhere, I got with the hairbrush and tickle mitt.. which where I hit the jackpot! Another new clip that’s mandatory to add to your collection. Available now!

Length: 15:12
Resolution: 1280×720

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TheBKTickler – Kitty Vs Gigi Kitty And The Foot Stocks

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! I finally to meet the oh-so-ticklish kitty Quinn. We missed each other the last time I was in Tampa. But that didn’t happen today. For woman that loves tickling, she was nervous to meet me. And I was nervous too. But it didn’t stop me from going HAM on those soles of hers. She was locked in the stocks in her heels. So I started to tease her tickling on top of her feet. Which got a great react. Then I took the heels off. That’s when the real games Began. Before you knew it, my fingers were all over her soles, which got her shaking uncontrollably. But then I got help. From who ? The legend herself……. MILF GIGI! It’s been a dream of mine to work with her. But right, she’s my tickle partner against kitty. Once Gigi joined in, all bets were off. We just whipped out every tool that was on display and then we—- u know what ? It’s better for you check out this video to see what happens next. Yeah that good and intense about what’s gonna happen next to her. You will enjoy this.

Length: 9:22
Resolution: 1280×720

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TheBKTickler – Catherine Vs Indica – Indica – Full Body (part 2)

Catherine Foxx was having so much fun with indica. And I love being behind the camera when it was happening. But now it was time for me to jump in. We started at indica’s super ticklish feet. And I got to experience for the first time how ticklish they really are. 10 fingers on each foot was too much for her to handle. But that didn’t stop us from continuing the intense tickling given to her soles. Then we used some tools like the tickle mitt and the wands. And the fact that she didn’t from that alone has me baffled to this day. Next up was that upper body. She was still worn out from Catherine’s solo upperbody tickling. But now I got involved in that.. uh oh. All that tickling that was given to her belly… especially the dual raspberries given to it, she was praying that it was over. But I wasn’t. I got to find out how ticklish her cute ass is. And we got to use the wands on it. And I can see she was getting turned on by that. And Catherine and I decided to seal the deal with a hitachi to her pussy.. which cause her to climax a few times…while tickling was still being done to her. These details will have you sold on buying this new tickle video. Available now

Length: 25:39
Resolution: 1280×720

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TheBKTickler – Catherine Vs Indica Indica – Full Body – Part 1

The chemistry between Catherine Foxx and indica fetish is out of this world. And I love how Catherine was so excited to have her way with indica. I love her energy. I love how she was toying with indica’s armpits with her nails. I love how she was teasing indica’s belly button with her finger and tongue. I also love she started nibbling on indica’s belly.. I love even more when she was tickling indica’s armpits … WITH HER TOES! I love how she digging her knuckles into indica’s ribs…Which tickled so much. I just so many reasons to love this video and to purchase it. Do yourself a huge favor and add this to your collection.

Length: 7:43
Resolution: 1280×720

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TheBKTickler – Fina’s Tickle Table Debut – Feet

Goddess Fina. A model that has been around abort a little while and made a huge name for herself.. especially in the tickle department. And it’s great that she did. Because that’s when I noticed her and that she was coming NYC. So I had get her. Long story short, she’s one of the most ticklish models that I ever came across. So when we met, she didn’t noticed that her size 9 1/2 feet was gonna deal with a different type of tickler. I came to play, at the same time, I didn’t come there for games… no bondage was involved, so we both were in for a challenge. And with her high level of ticklishness, you will see… by purchasing now.

Length: 13:35
Resolution: 1280×720

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TheBKTickler – Fina’s Tickle Table Debut – Full Body

It’s time for more tickling put on goddess Fina. Her body is about to get it. Started with those ribs. Which happens to be insanely ticklish. Also I hit the jackpot with the armpits. One thing I will say.. I respect the hell outta her.. being as ticklish as she, and holding it together on the table without bondage. I’m impressed! But I didn’t go for the legs and that was the challenging part for as well… her legs could not stay still as I go for the thighs and inner thighs. Playing those tickle spots like a guitar. I did everything to keep those unique facial impressions. Meaning there was more rib tickling. You’ll love seeing this goddess get worked! Available now.

Length: 11:52
Resolution: 1280×720

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TheBKTickler – Jessika And Foot Stocks – Part 2 All Tools

It’s cute how Jessika stone thought it was all over. Not today. Not ever! Before I had her feet spread apart, but I have them together to give them an equal amount of tickling… but with tools only.. I started with some oil. She actually thought she was getting a massage. She was in denial that I was prepping her for the claws. I started with slow strokes which she enjoyed. A little bit too much. So then I was being quicker with the claws that caused her to clinch up. Next up was the electric comb, and I know I said it was tools only, but I cheated with this one. I couldn’t help my l self with give her the combo of the comb and fingers. Same with the wand and my special tickle weapon. Where she lost all control of her senses and damn near fainted on the table. Now it was time to use the mitts..she hated those so much. With the way I used them on her, she had a right to. But she was just gonna have to suck it up. There were plenty more tools used, but you’ll have to purchase the video to see the rest. Available now.

Length: 7:49
Resolution: 1280×720

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TheBKTickler – Jessika And The Foot Stocks (uncut)

Another beautiful new model has come up to my studio… a Brazilian model named jessika stone. I was captivated by her. And what’s Great about her.. she’s ticklish as hell!! Her size 10s feet we’re about to get it.. all I had to do was get her feet into the stocks. Once tied she was about to find out herself on how ticklish she really is. and I was being staring off with my fingers.. which made go crazy alone. My fingers went all her soles. There wasn’t a single part of her feet safe from me. Some of the tools I used felt good to her, which is great. But i was there to push her past her limits to break. And the wands did just that.. but that wasn’t it for her. I had to whip how the hair brushes out. Which she didn’t see coming. And she didn’t she was gonna burst laughing the way she did. And I wanna tell you how she reacted to the tickle mitts, but imma let you see it for yourself. Available now!

Length: 16:12
Resolution: 1280×720

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