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EmeraldErotica – She’s A Screamer

EmeraldErotica - She's A ScreamerQualityControl EmeraldErotica - She's A ScreamerQualityControl

Restrained by Castor, one of the assistants at QCCP (they’re a cutey), who is working on their rigging skills, all I had to do was step in and be all mean to my friend and, well, I get meaner each time so this time I made her scream and didn’t stop. She hatessssss tickling.

Duration: 6:48.574
Size: 298,387 Mb

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EmeraldErotica – Defeat By Tickle

EmeraldErotica - Defeat By TickleQualityControl EmeraldErotica - Defeat By TickleQualityControl

My treatment of my friend is one of the reasons I started the store. I guess it was so much fun I started wishing I could do this all the time. She wasn’t going anywhere. and it’s fun to have a friend like this. nad I might have made her cry a little bit.

Duration: 5:11.644
Size: 227,621 Mb

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