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AdultStories – Different Devices Bondage Tickling Near The Pool

Sangini was sunbathing by the pool when suddenly someone attacked her from behind. He completely immobilized her, covered her eyes with a white cloth so she couldn’t see anything, and started tickling her. The stranger first used a feather, then a paintbrush and then a hairbrush. Sangini was very ticklish. She screamed very loudly. Too bad that no one could hear her. At the end she was tickled by his fingers. You must see this

Length: 23:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

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AdultStories – Massage Table Tickling

Eva came for a massage session. The masseuse covered her face with a paper towel and applied oil to her body. Eva had already begun to fall resting from pleasure, but suddenly she felt a rope around her neck. Apparently the masseuse and this guy were in cahoots… first, Sangini played with Eva’s navel for about 5 minutes, and was even able to put two fingers there at once. Then they started tickling. The cry was very loud, good thing Eva had her mouth taped… you must see this

Length: 19:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

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AdultStories – Lesbian Tickling

I’m sure you won’t be able to keep a smile off your face when you watch this video. Girls had a lot of fun, Gloria is really beautiful, she’s immobilized and can’t stop Eva from tickling her to the limit. Eva has a feather in her arsenal to start with. Then came the paint brush. Then came the hairbrush. It was mainly used for the feet, it really tickles. It ended with ticklish fingers going between ribs and under armpits.

Length: 20:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

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AdultStories – Crazy Scientist Slave Experiments

The crazy scientist had an ordinary day. He was walking around his abandoned house, which is far from the city. He chose this place not by chance: here no one will hear screams. He drank tea, read a book, and he wanted to do new research. Then he went to his bedroom, put on his work robe, and opened the safe. It contained basic necessities: a stethoscope and glasses for experiments. You never know what might splash into his eye. Then he went to another room, in which there were two chests. When he knocked on them, screams and moans were heard from there. He used his favorite rhyme to choose which chest to open. The choice fell on the right chest. When he opened it, there was a girl lying there. Her mouth and hands were taped, she tried to scream, but she couldn’t do it well. The scientist took his slave out of the chest and threw her on the bed. He needed to take his notebook. The slave didn’t even try to escape, he knew that it would end badly for her. Then the scientist took her to the table and tied her with ropes. He then placed her on the table and took out his vibrator. At first he simply rested it against his slave’s clitoris, and then fixed it so that his hands could be free. Then he began to measure her pulse and listen to different parts of her body with a stethoscope. He wrote down all the testimony in his notebook. The girl lay there for a very long time, she experienced several orgasms and was all wet, and the vibrator sent waves through her pussy. When the experiment was finished, the professor put his slave back into the chest. She was lucky, now she can rest here peacefully. You must see this.

Length: 26:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

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AdultStories – Jungle Tickling

The burglar caught up with the Sangini while she was sitting naked on the table. It was as if she was waiting for him. He tied her up and stretched her across the length of the table. Her legs were tied to the table legs. The robber’s arsenal included a quill pen, paint brushes, and the crown jewel of his arsenal, a tickling comb. Sangini nearly peed herself with laughter. her feet, armpits, and ribs were just destroyed. You must see this

Length: 22:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

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AdultStories – Table Tickling Princesss

Sangini asked her assistant to prepare the victim for tickling. When the Kalahari finished preparing, he called the Sangini to check if everything was in order. Sangini was pleased, because the victim was completely immobilized and ready to be tickled. She is slowly warmed up the victim with a feather, and then called her assistant for help. You must see this

Length: 21:33
Resolution: 1280×720

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