JamieDaniels – The Bitch Tickled Out Of Dee

Bitchy Dee is tied up to the bed. Her arms are above her head and her bare feet are tied together in front. She is not happy with Jamie at all. Dee is wearing Jeans and a white tank top. Jamie comes over and begins to taunt her. Dee keeps saying she is not ticklish, but Jamie knows better. Jamie is done with Dee’s bitchiness and she is determined to tickle the bitch right out of her. Jamie first uses a feather on Dee’s feet, and dee is wiggling about trying not to laugh. Jamie then uses her nails and Dee is trying so hard to hold in her laughter. Jamie then moves up to Dee’s upper body and starts to tickle Dee’s ribs, armpits and belly. It’s getting harder and harder for Dee to hold it in. Jamie is determined to break her, so she goes back to Dee’s bare feet and goes harder on the tickling. Dee begins to laugh but still being bitchy and defiant. Jamie has no intentions of letting her go. Back and forth Jamie goes, breaking down Dee further and further. Then Jamie rolls Dee on her stomach and oils up her soles for the ultimate breakdown. Jamie uses a brush to break Dee down into ultimate laughter until Dee begs for Jamie to end the tickling and promises not to be a bitch anymore.

Length: 20:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Bitch Tickled Out Of Dee

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