JamieDaniels – Dees Intense Belly Button Tickle

Dee is tied upon Jamie’s bed with her hands above her head and her feet tied down. Dee’s belly button exposed for Jamie to play with. Dee loves when Jamie tickles her. Dee has such a cute ticklish belly button. Jamie put some lotion on her belly button, teasing dee with her tickling fingers. Dee is getting super sensitive. Jamie starts to give Dee some raspberries, blowing hard onto her stomach and belly button. Making Dee crazy. Jamie loves to play with Dee’s belly button, spreading it, poking it and tickling it. She also brought some toys with her including a Qtip, Feather, Electric toothbrush, and toothpick. Jamie uses all the toys on Dee’s belly button to see just how ticklish Dee is.

Length: 16:45
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dees Intense Belly Button Tickle

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