JamieDaniels – Fantasy Fetish Tales

Jamie and Dee are sexy fetish friends who love to play around and explore their fetishes. They are both wearing sexy bra and panties. It’s starts with Jamie on Dee’s lap, they are roll playing that Jamie is her captive and Dee begins running her fingers around Jamie’s ticklish body. Jamie asks you to come rescue her from the creepy alien Dee. The 2nd roll play is Jamie playing an evil wicked witch coming after poor helpless Dee. Chasing her around trying to capture Dee to tickle her. 3rd scene is Jamie over robot Dee’s lap being robotedly spanked. Jamie pleading with her robot, but the Robot insists she most be spanked. 4th scene is Dee over Jamie’s lap. Dee is being held for ransom and Jamie will tickle and spank Dee’s cute little butt unless you deliver the money. Dee begging for you to send it ASAP. After tickling and spanking her butt, Jamie then goes for Dee’s ticklish feet and tickles her soles. The 5th scene is Jamie and Dee complaining that there is no one there to tickled them. They begin to compliment each other and touch each other in a ticklish manner, teasing you that you are not there to tickle them.

Length: 17:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Fantasy Fetish Tales

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