NyxonsBondageFiles – Ariel Anderssen A Single Feather

Ariel is tutoring her client (POV) & she’s reading an essay that he wrote. In the essay, her client writes that why, after months of studying, they would think a single feather can be considered a deterrent. As she’s reading, the POV’s gaze goes down to Ariel’s feet. Ariel chastises him for not paying attention, then offers for them to take a break.

The next scene we see Ariel sitting on the couch, her arms tied behind her back with rope, a chest harness binds her arms & her legs are tied together above her knees & at her ankles. Her shoes & socks are off, and her bare feet are now propped up on a foot stool. Her big toes are tied together with some twine. Ariel comments on what a good job has been done tying her up. She struggles against her bonds & jokingly mentions that if he were this diligent in his studies as he was in tying her up, he would be a grade A student. She also comments on how he tied her big toes together, remarking that he only tied her big toes so that he could look at her feet. She questions him if he has an interest in feet, then she flexes her toes & tells him to enjoy the view of her bare feet while he can.

The next scene has Ariel cleave gagged & her own socks shoved into her mouth with a bandana cleave gag. She compliments her client through her gag on his resourcefulness using her own socks to gag her. A gloved hand holding a feather pops up from behind the camera & gently moves towards Ariel’s soles. She twitches & shrieks but soon begins to giggle & laugh out loud. After several minutes of the feather moving through her arches & between her toes, Ariel is driven into hysterics.

Length: 10:33
Resolution: 1280×720

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