NyxonsBondageFiles – Mikayla Miles CEO Foot Tickled Until She Cooperates

Mikayla Miles is a powerful CEO of a mega conglomerate & she is talking over the phone with a business partner telling her how she convinced this other business to merge with their company without them knowing that first thing tomorrow she will sell them to another company & keep the profits for herself. She tells the other person over the phone that she has bodyguards outside her house, so she’s not worried about the owner of the other business trying to get back at her if they find out before tomorrow. She hangs up & a couple of seconds later figure clad in black (Nyxon), who has sneaked past Mikayla’s bodyguards, places her hand over Mikayla’s mouth to silence her.

Int he next scene, Mikayla wakes up with her legs tied together above her knees, her ankles tied, her hands tied behind her back & arms tied to above & below her breasts. She flutters her eyes open & Nyxon quickly cleave gags her. Nyxon sits next to Mikayla & explains the she is aware of Mikayla’s plans to sell the company & that she’s positive that she can convince Mikayla to call the board of directors & cancel the sale. Nyxon takes off Mikayla’s high heels giving her a clue about what she’s about to do. Mikayla yells through her gag, but Nyxon does not hesitate & starts to tickle Mikayla’s soles with her long fingernails. Mikayla begins to laugh uncontrollably, and Nyxon keeps on tickling her. She stops to ask Mikayla if she’s changed her mind yet & Mikayls says no. Nyxon takes a small piece of rope & ties Mikayla’s big toes together, then continues to tickle her big feet. She gives Mikayla a rest & massages oil onto her feet, which confuses Mikayla a bit. Next, Nyxon grabs a toothbrush & scrubs all over Mikayla’s soles & in between her toes. Unable to take it anymore, Mikayla nods her head in agreement with Nyxon. Nyxon stops tickling her, grabs her phone & dials the number for the board of directors. She holds the phone up to Mikayla’s ear & Mikayls authorizes the sale of the company. Nyxon then regags Mikayla & reminds her that there is a small clause that should Mikayla miss 3 meetings in a row, she will be booted from the board.

Length: 16:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

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