RandomSoleEncounters – From the Boardroom 2 Bound Tickling – PART TWO – Corporate Chuckles!!!!

Here is PART TWO of Businesswoman Erica’s 1st foot tickling!

Erica worked in the corporate world for many years. She’s used to handling high-pressure situations and keeping her cool. She’s an expert at keeping her composure and staying professional. She’s also quite beautiful! And we found out in the last clip that she is also VERY TICKLISH!

If you haven’t checked out that clip, get it here:

After Erica’s introduction to tickling, we ordered some food to eat. Erica told me she couldn’t believe that she was that ticklish. I asked if she would try it again, she was hesitant but agreed.

Erica joked that she should wait 30 minutes after eating before being tickled (just like swimming).

But much like the corporate businesswoman she is, she wanted to negotiate the terms of her tickling. So we agreed that Erica would not have to be toe-tied for this tickle session. Erica thought it wouldn’t be as ticklish if her toes weren’t tied (not the best logic but I went with it).

What Erica didn’t take into consideration is that I now knew the most ticklish spots on her feet and what techniques and tools work best! And I made sure to take full advantage of this knowledge!

I start off the clip with a little flashback from the previous tickle session where Erica said she was a ‘5’ on the ticklish scale. We soon found out that wasn’t true at all!

In her intro to tickling, Erica could fight the laughter for a bit. But not this time! I make sure to go right to her ticklish toes. The funny part is, that her choice to not have her toes-ted made it worse for her. The toe-ties helped her by not letting me fully get between her toes. Now they were fully exposed and so very ticklish!

Erica flails around this time! If she weren’t in stocks she would’ve gone right off the tickle table!

I use fingers, the electric toothbrush, hairbrushes, and the silicone scrubbers on her soles and toes. She struggles, flails, laughs, and screams! This is the most intense tickling of her life and it’s so fun to see a normally in-control and composed woman laugh hysterically!

The best part is getting this confident woman to beg me to stop! It was quite the successful second tickling for Erica.

Will she come back for more? She answers that question at the end of the clip!

Thanks for your support, everyone! Enjoy!

Length: 8:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – From the Boardroom 2 Bound Tickling – PART TWO – Corporate Chuckles!!!!

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