RandomSoleEncounters – Russian Model Ana’s Ticklish Laughter – Spontaneous Shoot!

This was shot on the same day as this previous shoot with M.L.:

Ana is a friend of M.L., she came with M.L. to the shoot but had no intention of being tickled. I didn’t even know that M.L. was bringing a friend with her but when I saw Ana I didn’t mind at all!

When I finished filming with M.L. I had her ask Ana if she would be interested in filming a tickle shoot too. To my surprise, Ana agreed! M.L. seemed just as excited as I was to see her friend locked in stocks and foot tickled.

Ana has fantastic ticklish size 6 feet. She starts locked in the stocks wearing sneakers. I was surprised when I slipped them off to find she wasn’t wearing socks. Her feet were slightly sweaty, extremely soft, and very ticklish!

The 1st part of the clip is me testing out different tools and techniques on Ana to see what gets the best reactions. Everything tickles her but brushes and a lighter touch get the most laughter out of her.

Once I figure this out I use this technique to really get Ana going crazy, I mean her eyes roll back and her eyes flutter rapidly like she’s trying to hold back tear-type laughing! It’s pretty fun to watch.

Ana doesn’t speak much English but laughter is a universal language that Ana is quite fluent in!

Length: 15:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Russian Model Ana’s Ticklish Laughter – Spontaneous Shoot!

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