RandomSoleEncounters – Emily’s Surprise Lick Tickling! – “What are you doing back there?!?”

Emily continues her journey of learning about fetishes. This time I thought I would surprise Em with her first time experiencing a lick-tickling session!

Sniffing and licking Emily’s feet has been a long-time fantasy for me. Finally getting to do it was amazing! I told Emily that I wanted her feet to be extra sensitive for this shoot so I suggested we go for a hike prior to filming. She didn’t understand how that would make them more sensitive so I told her that being in boots, socks, and working up a sweat would help. I didn’t mention that I wanted them to be fragrant and sweaty for my nose and tongue!

Emily is in the ‘face-down foot tickling’ position. A camera is close to her soles and another camera is close on her face so you can see every reaction.

Emily starts in her favorite Doc Marten boots. I take them off and you can see her socks were pretty sweaty! The black socks are clinging to her soles so much you can see her toes through the dark material.

I get some sniffs in as I tickle her socked feet. Her feet smelled amazing! Better than I imagined! I slowly tickle her socks off exposing her delicate sweaty soles. I sniffed her socks too, the scent was fantastic!

Once her feet are bare, I mostly use the electric toothbrush and fingers. Emily is especially ticklish on and around her toes so I focus there. It was not long before I had to start licking her sweaty soles. Emily wasn’t expecting this but I think she knew what I was doing right away! She even asks ‘What are you doing back there!?!’

I lick every part of her feet, heel to toe, but especially around her ticklish toes. The licking on her toes is very ticklish for her and you can tell it’s a totally new ticklish sensation Em is experiencing!

The best news is that after this experience I think Emily is more comfortable with having someone worship her feet! Hopefully, she’ll let me capture that on video for all of you to enjoy!

Length: 7:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Emily’s Surprise Lick Tickling! – “What are you doing back there?!?”

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