RandomSoleEncounters – Emily’s Explosive Intro to Foot Tickling! – “I may have been bluffing!”

Something I’ve learned doing all this tickling – If you know a woman who wears nothing but Doc Martens she will have extremely ticklish feet!

Emily (27yo, 5’9, size 7 shoe) is THAT woman!

I’ve been working on getting Emily to try a tickling video for quite some time. It’s not that she was opposed to modeling or fetishes, but she’s always told me that she isn’t very ticklish. But going back to my Doc Marten rule, I didn’t believe her.

Something that drew me to Emily, other than being very cute, was her laugh. She has a great laugh (which you’ll soon hear) and I knew it would sound even better when she was doing it uncontrolled and non-stop from being tickled!

Well, I finally was able to get Emily to come in and try foot tickling, and let me say it was worth the effort!

And yes, she came to the shoot wearing her Docs. She starts off wearing them locked in the stocks. She rates her ticklishness as a 4 or 5. But she was lying and she even admitted it to me once I started tickling her.

‘I may have been bluffing,’ she tells me through her laughter.

Emily is more of an 8 or 9 on the ticklish scale. Maybe even a 10 when I find the right spots (her toes are quite ticklish!). She’s quite the fighter too, squirming and struggling, so the toe ties were a must!

Emily’s ticklish laugh is music to my ears. She has great reactions to being tickled. I ended up tickling her for almost 20 minutes, I lost track of time I was having so much fun. I wasn’t sure if she’d come back for more so I had to get as much tickling in as possible.

This is an extra long tickling video for everyone!!!!

Length: 20:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Emily’s Explosive Intro to Foot Tickling! – “I may have been bluffing!”

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