RandomSoleEncounters – Giggles & Glamour PART TWO – Intense Foot and 1st Upper Body Tickling!

After testing Natalie’s ticklishness and finding out what works best, it’s time to ramp up the intensity.

We start with her beautiful feet in toe-ties. I go right to work with her least favorite tickle tool – the flosser – this gets her laughing out loud immediately! Especially around her toes! Natalie’s toes are by far the most ticklish spot on her feet so that is where much of the focus goes.

I had a feeling Natalie was the type to get more ticklish as the session went on and I was right. This is the most intense tickling she’s had so far! Lots of laughter, some screaming, and even some ‘Oh god!’ and ‘Fucks!’ included for good measure!

I use the flosser, hairbrushes, silicone scrubber, and textured tickle gloves. All get amazing ticklish laughter from our newbie pin-up model!

At one point Natalie tells me that she should’ve worn waterproof mascara because her eyes are watering from laughing so much!

After her feet were tickled I decided to test out her upper body. Natalie says she has no idea how ticklish her upper body is. We soon find out it might be more ticklish than her feet!

When I start lightly tickling her armpits she says ‘This is going to be terrible.’ through her laughter. It might have been terrible for her, but it was really fun for me and hopefully for all of you too!

Light tickling on Natalie’s sensitive armpits sends her into hysterics. Even the light touch of a feather on her armpits makes her go crazy! And don’t worry, I didn’t neglect her stomach or sides either. Grabbing and poking her sides, ribs, and stomach get an equally ticklish reaction and makes Natalie squirm and laugh!

It looks like we have a new very ticklish model to play with! I can’t wait to get her back again and take it to another level!

Length: 15:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Giggles & Glamour PART TWO – Intense Foot and 1st Upper Body Tickling!

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