RandomSoleEncounters – Giggles & Glamour Pin-Up Model’s Intro to Tickling! – PART ONE

Natalie (25, 5’5, size 7.5 shoe) is a pin-up and glamour model who contacted me, she wanted help updating her modeling portfolio. As you can see from the preview, Natalie is a beautiful woman! I mean, she’s a model for a reason. Working with her over a few days I got quite a few looks at her feet, smile, and got to hear her laugh. I knew I had to try and get her to model for all of you!

Natalie has never done any fetish modeling before. She didn’t even know tickling was a fetish until I told her about it. She has heard of foot fetishes before (who hasn’t these days?) but has no experience with it.

I get asked often about how I find models and ask them to be in my videos. So, at the start of this video, I include some behind-the-scenes footage. This was filmed after a day of shooting with Natalie, I asked if she would do a quick foot modeling video for me and she was down for it. You’ll hear our conversation and get an idea of how I introduce the idea of getting a model to do a tickling video.

After that clip, we’ll cut to about a week later when Natalie came in for her 1st ever tickle shoot! (That almost didn’t happen!)

Natalie had some major travel issues on the day of our shoot. I was so eager to tickle her that I hopped in my car and picked her up! We stopped to grab some coffee on the way back, and Natalie spilled the entire cup on her white sneakers! The day wasn’t going great for her and she needed a laugh. So I was going to make sure she laughed a lot!

This is just PART ONE of Natalie’s introduction to tickling. Before this, Natalie says she hasn’t been tickled for more an 2 minutes and it has been YEARS since someone has tickled her feet, other than pedicures which she says do tickle her. She says she has to hold her breath during pedicures to not laugh, always a good sign!

Natalie starts in her coffee stained sneakers, I pull them off and tickle her sweaty socked feet briefly. I don’t get great reactions to start but I could feel her feet tensing up as I explored her socked soles. I get her socks off and slowly start to test Natalies super soft (so, so, soft!) soles out for ticklishness.

Natalie’s initial reactions aren’t promising. She tells me it feels good but not ticklish. That’s okay though, I was just getting started! I think Natalie was gaining confidence at this point that maybe she wasn’t so ticklish and this would be easy. That was until I used the electric toothbrush on her toes! That gets the 1st big reaction!

The best part is that Natalie gets more ticklish as time goes on. I think she was a bit nervous to start off but once I broke that ‘tickle seal’ then she loosened up and everything started to tickle her. Natalie told me she was a ‘7’ on the tickle scale but she’s much higher than that!

I even get a snort-laugh out of her. Natalie is shocked and says ‘I’m not a snorter, I’ve never snorted in my life!’ Well, now she is officially a snorter!

Length: 21:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Giggles & Glamour Pin-Up Model’s Intro to Tickling! – PART ONE

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