RandomSoleEncounters – “I’m Sweating So Much!” – Krystal’s 1st Spontaneous Foot Tickle!

Krystal is a talented musician (singer, writer, and guitarist) who accompanied her friend Jewel to her tickle session ( CHECK OUT JEWEL’S TICKLE SESSION )

When Krystal walked into my studio she was wearing a short black dress, and heels, and had her hair and make-up done like she was ready for a night out. Keep in mind, it was around 1 pm! She told me she always dressed like this. She loves to dress up and always look her best.

It’s not uncommon for models to bring someone with them and I usually don’t ask them to model unless I get some sort of indication they may be interested.

While we were talking, Krystal was asking me a lot of questions about how I got into tickling, why I like it, etc. Krystal was more interested in talking about tickling than most friends that come to shoots. This was probably because Jewel was very excited to get tickled and had been talking about it quite a bit with Krystal.

After we finished with Jewel’s tickling session, I asked Jewel if she thought Krystal might be interested. She wasn’t sure but thought it would be cool if she tried it out, Jewel said I should ask her and she would even help convince her!

I will give a lot of credit to Jewel because she sold the idea of being tickled to Krystal better than I could. When we walked out of the studio, Krystal said that it sounded like we had fun (she mentioned she could hear Jewel’s laughter through the closed door!).

Jewel said she had a blast and felt so ‘energized and invigorated’ after being tickled and that Krystal should try it out too. Without any hesitation, Krystal asked, ‘Do you want to tickle me too?’ She almost seemed surprised that I was interested. But yes, of course, I wanted to tickle her!

I start the clip out by getting Krystal’s initial reactions to being locked in stocks for the 1st time ever. I ask her the basic tickle interview questions. She tells me her feet are a ‘6’ on the ticklish scale and ‘It’s been forever.’ since anyone has tickled her. I put her in the toe ties for her 1st tickling.

I start slow, and Krystal has a great first reaction to finger-tickling. I got a little worried though because her ticklishness seemed to go away after the first touch but quickly found out I was wrong and that Krystal is extremely ticklish on her feet!

‘It’s definitely the fingers!’ Krystal tells me.

And she’s right, finger tickling works well on her. But that was before I tried out all my other tools too! Pretty much everything works and makes Krystal laugh.

krystal is the type of ticklee that moves around a lot. It’s a good thing I had her secured in the stocks and her toes tied! There were a few times when I thought she might come off the tickle table altogether!

This is a long tickle session! Almost 20 minutes! I may have gone too long and extreme for a 1st timer. By the end Krystal is done with being tickled but still said she had a good time!

Will she come back again? I hope so!!!!

Length: 17:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – “I’m Sweating So Much!” – Krystal’s 1st Spontaneous Foot Tickle!

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