RandomSoleEncounters – TICKLE GAMES Snips, Safewords, and Snickers – Dalvina’s Full Body Tickle Challenge!

Dalvina stopped by to film some custom videos, none of them involved tickling, I couldn’t let her leave without getting a few laughs in!

For one of the customs, she brought a pair of pink socks that had ‘If you can read this, rub my feet’ on the bottoms of them. This gave me an idea for a tickle game!

For the game, Dalvina is in the stocks wearing her special socks, and her wrists are cuffed above her head with bondage wrap used to hold her arms in place and expose her very ticklish armpits.

Dalvina has to endure 8 minutes of upper body tickling. But, she has a safeword (she chose the word ‘Purple). Dalvina can use the safeword as often as she wants to get a break from the tickling but there is also a penalty. Every time she says ‘Purple’, the clock stops and I will cut a piece of her sock off to expose her ticklish bare feet.

If Dalvina can last the full 8 minutes and her socks haven’t been completely cut off I will give her a 10-minute foot massage for a reward. If her socks are cut off before the 8-minute time limit then I get to tickle her feet for another 10 minutes with no safeword!

How does Dalvina fare? As you can see from the preview, she fails the 8-minute upper body tickle challenge, her socks are cut off, and she is foot-tickled for the penalty!

This is an extra-long clip featuring upper body tickling (armpits, ribs, stomach, and belly button), Dalvina’s socks being cut off, her feet slowly exposed, and foot tickling!

And as always Dalvina’s reactions to being tickled are the best! If you guys have any ideas for tickle games you’d like to see message me on my socials!

Length: 20:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – TICKLE GAMES Snips, Safewords, and Snickers – Dalvina’s Full Body Tickle Challenge!

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