RandomSoleEncounters – Tough Chola Tickled 2 Ways! – Face Down Foot Tickling and Upper Body!

Angel, our favorite tough chola is back for more tickling! I have to say I thought she was one-and-done, but the appeal of quick cash is too much or a temptation for her. She messaged me wanting to shoot again and I wasn’t going to turn her down.

Angel is the most masculine acting model I’ve had on the site. Very tough acting and street smart but underneath that tough exterior is a very ticklish woman!

It’s always fun to get a strong-willed woman tied up and expose their ticklish weakness. You can tell Angel doesn’t show this much vulnerability too often and making her laugh out of control is so much fun!

I decided to make Angel experience two different kinds of tickling. The first would be face-down foot tickling on her tender, ticklish soles. For this, the camera is up-close and personal with Angel’s lovely soft soles as I tickle them non-stop with various tools. You can hear Angel laughing uncontrollably and even begging me to stop! Her feet are so ticklish and it’s a delight to hear her! (NOTE – There is no face cam for this part of the video, the camera malfunctioned during shooting, so only the foot camera is available) .

The next part is upper body tickling. Angel tries to keep her composure and act tough but unfortunately, her upper body is just as ticklish as her feet! Her armpits make her hysterical and her stomach and sides make her squirm, laugh, and beg! I think every inch of this tough lady is ticklish!

Are all tough women secretly this ticklish? I’d love to find out!

Length: 15:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tough Chola Tickled 2 Ways! – Face Down Foot Tickling and Upper Body!

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