BrokenShellFantasies – Akira Shell Ties & Tickles Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai puts up a valiant effort to deny the tingles and heightened sensations caused by Akira’s intense tickles, but alas, resistance is futile against her tickling expertise!

When you find yourself in a precarious position, all bound up and unable to move, with Akira Shell’s talented ten fingers looming closer and closer to you- it’s time to squirm! Jasmin’s just the same, as her hands and feet go wild with tickles, putting on a show even with the tiniest nudge. Like she’s experiencing the tickling of a lifetime, Jasmin’s got a serious case of tickle-induced squirming and shaking. Akira’s feather duster skills have her squirming like a smooth contortionist, with her chest heaving and her curling and clenching as hard as she can. Akira’s brush is like a tiny tickle device, making Jasmin whimper and moan as her poor feet get taunted and tickled mercilessly.

The uncontrollable laughter, the fits of giggling, and the screaming of Jasmin while getting tickled all the more make Akira eager to play with her sensitive body using her prepared tickle-toys to heighten her body sensitivity even more. This time she uses a wide, giant feather to tease Jasmin’s delicate armpits, the pointed end of which she reaches in to stimulate gently. Jasmin’s having so much fun from the intense tickling session, and Akira’s just too excited to get her more tickling toys to use for her extra sensitive body. This time, with the miniature rake, with its small cool metal teeth, just enough to drag and scrub on her extra squirmy pink soles. To top things off, Akira goes in for the ultimate tickle-toy – the electric toothbrush. Hearing the toothbrush turn on, Jasmin feels the toothbrush bristles automatically creating a vibrating motion brushing all over her extra-squirmy, sensitive body!

Akira finds Jasmin’s laughs and squirms far too entertaining to stop, so she tickles her relentlessly for as long as her physical sensitivity will allow, and even longer than her mouth can hold for all the irrepressible laughter!

Length: 12:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Akira Shell Ties & Tickles Jasmin Jai

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