BrokenShellFantasies – Ama Rio Ties and Tickles Princess Natahlia

Playfully devious Ama Rio has something special planned for her best friend Natahlia- she’s going to manipulate her into falling for her scheme so she can tie her down on the bed to prevent her from escaping… moments later, Natahlia is strapped down tight to the table with her arms tied above her head! What a mistake that was! Ama Rio decides it’s time for more tickle fun together, but with her being in complete control!

Looming over Natahlia, Ama Rio tells her friend that she just couldn’t resist getting her hands on her, before pouncing in with tickles. Toes squeaking against the leather of the table as Natahlia fights off her friend’s tickling, the room is filled with her loud resistance, accompanied by Natahlia’s audible laughter. With such clean feet, wrinkled soles, and perfectly arched heels, Ama Rio finds it all the more enjoyable to try out all the intensive tickles she can give to her friend. Tickling all up and down her sensitive and exposed torso, rib by rib, hip by hip, Ama Rio discovers extremely satisfying responses as her friend gasps and laughs uncontrollably at every scrape her sharp, natural fingernails make against her delicate skin.

With her body wiggling and curling so tightly like a worm, Natahlia gives up and lets loose, as her friend’s soft touches and incredibly satisfying tickles make her so sensitive that she is rendered speechless and can only erupt in laughter! There’s nothing left for Natahlia to do but to submit to her best friend’s will at this point, which likely involves getting tickled so hard all over (neck, armpits, tummy, thighs, down to her lovely feet) that she’ll most likely feel severely overstimulated afterward!

Length: 12:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Rio Ties and Tickles Princess Natahlia

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