BrokenShellFantasies – Princess Natahlia Revenge Tickles Ama Rio

Some sweet tickle revenge payback has been long overdue, and Princess Natahlia has plenty of reasons to shackle and severely punish her bestfriend Ama Rio, and expose her most sensitive ticklish spots. Who better than her best friend to know her most sensitive spots?

Ama Rio never thought she’d laugh so hard in her life! Even still, Natahlia is eager to tickle-punish her as revenge for tickling her so hard she had to recover for days! As she gently scratches her friend’s soft feet soles, while seeing her almost break the bed from getting tickled so hard, Natahlia now realizes the very reason why she’s getting the same reaction from the same friend who betrayed her and tickled her feet too! And now, she’s going to double the pleasure by tickling her friend’s, particularly sensitive feet!

The poor woman just couldn’t keep the giggles to herself; she laughs so hard she almost runs out of breath, pacing up and down in her ecstasy at being tickle-punished by her best friend. At the certain point where her friend’s almost bursting from oversensitivity, Natahlia realizes how she remembers the sensation of having her most sensitive body part tickled by fingers that squish so hard and ceaselessly on her skin, never pausing.

And with her body writhing and getting electrified by Natahlia’s tickles, Ama Rio kicks and flaps her legs all over the place as if pleading for her to stop. After this, perhaps they can finally call each other friends…again?

Length: 13:00
Resolution: 4096×2160

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