Bondagio – I’ll make you forget my boyfriend

Girls met each other to spill the tea a little, they chat about boys and dates. Sashura proudly shows a picture of her new mate and leave Brumble speechless. Because it’s HER boyfriend. Sashura doesn’t want to hear about it, she enjoys his company and don’t want to cancel the date. Bramble tried to stop her in a good way, but now she doesn’t have other choice.
She grabs Sashura by the neck, undress her and tie to a wall to start the tickling punishment. She wants to make Sashura forget about the boyfriend, so she tickles her ribs, boobs and armpits with fingers, digging it under the skin, making it red and swollen. Adding feather, brush and a ballgag to make the process impossible.

Length: 21:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – I’ll make you forget my boyfriend

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