Bondagio – Intense tickling sleepover

Girl’s sleepover is like Vegas. Everything that happens there stays there. This time Eeona was sharing a story about her ticklish boyfriend. It’s kind of hard to explain some spots without a model, so she starts to tickle Ofelia as a reference, Jessy finds it super funny and accepts the deal to tickle poor girl together. At the end they move on the bed and tie her fully naked, face down, legs wide apart. That way they have all the sensitive area exposed. Girls stop only after they wore her out.

Jessy wants to be the next victim, just to be fair. Now she’s tied spread eagle, she’s naked and vunerable. Girls are fucking excited to tickle her, because her reactions are the best. She wiggles her body, screams, shakes head and trying to untie ropes on wrists and ankles. Eeona and Ofelia laugh watching her struggle and increase the intensity of torment. They add oil and tickle everywhere! Armpits, tits, ribs, feet, crotch and belly. It’s impossible to resist.

After Jessy is completely exhausted Eeona is volunteered to be a part of the fun. Now she’s tied and tickled by two other girls.

Turned out face up pose is more convenient for tickling, so after Eeona, girls tying Ofelia again! To tickle more and hear her scream.

Length: 57:07
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Intense tickling sleepover

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