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UKTickling – Jay & Grace Have Insanely Ticklish Feet!

Missy Jay introduces yet another of her friends to the world of tickling! This time it’s the petite and insanely ticklish cutie Grace joining her and side-by-side in the stocks, these two make for a very crazy foot tickle scene! Both girls have ridiculously ticklish feet and they go truly wild as their nylon and then bare feet get some intense tickling in this one. Wearing sexy dresses with sheer pantyhose and heels, they have their wrists cuffed together. Grace’s heels come off first and the tickling begins. It soon becomes clear that she is off the scale ticklish just like Jay, as she thrashes and squeals. Then it’s Jay’s turn and the two of them struggle so much, they break apart and have to be cuffed together again! What follows is an intense foot tickle session, that’s exhausting to watch as they laugh hysterically, kick and struggle while their sexy nylon feet are tormented. The back of the sofa collapses at one point and they end up flat on their backs, laughing even harder as they are tickled with fingers and the brush! The brush sends them so crazy that Grace keeps hitting her head on the sofa as she jerks and thrashes around – and then Jay does the same! The pantyhose are ripped and their barefeet get several long minutes of very intense tickling too whilst they laugh, squeal and struggle frantically to escape…they’re still in fits of laughter, even when it’s over. Grace is another fantastic new addition and you’ll love seeing these two together!

Duration: 14:20.002
Size: 1 570,109 Mb

Download – Jay & Grace Have Insanely Ticklish Feet!

UKTickling – Isabel Returns To Get Tickled Out Of Her Mind!

Sexy, super-ticklish Isabel makes a return visit and this time her hot body and feet get some intense tickling in two different scenes! In the first part, Isabel is stripped down to some sexy purple lingerie and stockings as she gets cuffed to the Mule for some whole body tickling, starting with her nylon feet. She laughs like crazy as her feet are tickled with fingers and then the brush before moving up to her thighs and body. Isabel is soon howling with laughter and squirming around as her exposed torso gets some serious tickling all over her belly, sides, armpits and ribs. After several minutes on the body, it’s back to her feet and some more nylon tickling followed by barefeet as the stockings are ripped open. Isabel laughs and squeals some more as the electric toothbrush is used on her toes, and then baby lotion is added to really drive her crazy again! After all of this, it’s time for an outfit change as Isabel finds herself hogtied in a smart office outfit with suit jacket, over a tight dress, sheer pantyhose and heels. The heels come off and she is soon howling with laughter once again as her nylon feet are tickled. When her knees and body are tickled too, she completely cracks up. Helpless Isabel soon discovers this is her worst position to be tickled in. Even though it only lasts a few minutes, she cracks up completely by the end as the tickling alternates between feet and body, really making her lose it by the end as her super-ticklish waist is squeezed! Two intense scenes to completely drive her nuts, but I let Isabel get her own back afterwards at least, and she was more than ready for some revenge!

Duration: 14:41.165
Size: 1 594,79 Mb

Download – Isabel Returns To Get Tickled Out Of Her Mind!

UKTickling – Amy’s Mean Hogtie Tickle Revenge!

Now it’s Amy’s chance to get her own back and she doesn’t waste it! On her first shoot, Amy wasn’t all that good at tickling and she ended up on the receiving end instead. Since then, she’s been practicing though and she most definitely knows what she’s doing now as she’s turned into a seriously mean tickler! Amy has Jay barefoot and hogtied on the floor. It’s Jay’s first hogtie and she soon discovers that it’s her worst position to be tickled in as Amy has her laughing and squealing in fits of hysterical laughter! This one is short but very intense as Amy torments Jay’s sensitive bare feet and her super-ticklish body. Her nails are very effective on Jay’s soles, but when she uses her tongue to lickle and tickle her soles and toes it really drives her crazy! Amy loves getting even and she really makes Jay suffer, playfully teasing her all the while, even making Jay worship her feet as she carries on tickling her! There’s some very wild reactions, especially in the final minutes as Amy squeezes her sides until Jay can’t take anymore and she’s left sweaty and exhausted on the floor. This one completely ruined her…Amy’s definitely picked up some skills!

Duration: 9:36.824
Size: 1 036,836 Mb

Download – Amy’s Mean Hogtie Tickle Revenge!

TicklingHandjobsFemaleOrgasm – Tickle Therapy

Olivia Wilder has been down in the dumps lately and sought out a new kind of treatment she heard about from one of her girlfriends out to bring her spirits up. Enter Jessica Taylor, the sexy long legged tickle therapist! Strong bodied and sexy Jessica does not waste any time getting down to the meat of the session, binding her new client up and examining her perfect soles, toes, feet! Using her long nails she scratches at Olivia’s barefeet and wrinkled soles! After getting a few laughs she reaches for her oil as it drips seductively down Olivia’s arches before Jessica uses her fingers, an electric toothbrush and even taking the top off the toothbrush using to tickle in between Olivia’s wet toes and up and down her wriggling wrinkled soles!

Duration: 6:50.778
Size: 794,352 Mb

Download – Tickle Therapy

TheFootRoom – Rosies First Foot Worship “It Tickles So Bad”

For all of my major fans supporting the Foot Room thank you so much! Now Rosie is a HYPER ticklish model who NEVER lets anyone near her feet let alone worship them. On all videos where I implement lickling and worship she goes crazy. But here Indica rides the wave. Indica has a HARDCORE foot fetish and is easily one of the best foot worship models I have ever seen. She wastes NO TIME peeling off a sock of Rosies foot. Rosie is SUPER nervous and you can see it. Indica gets RIGHT INTO IT holding Rosies foot down. She gets in her toes before sucking them down. But she realizes she has neglected the other foot. This is one SEXY foot worship video you do NOT want to miss!

Duration: 6:07.500
Size: 676,916 Mb

Download – Rosies First Foot Worship “It Tickles So Bad”

TheFootRoom – Neko Yano Worship

Here is a fun little video of Neko Yano after her foot games before she went through her endurance test. Neko has AMAZING size 7 feet that are SO sexy and beautiful. Her toes are fucking gorgeous complimented with LONG soles that I could not WAIT to taste. But….Neko is so DAMN TICKLISH. The whole time I am tasting her toes Neko is actually getting turned on. She LOVES the feeling of my tongue on her toes but the moment I start nibbling she starts giggling. In this video you can REALLY see how big Nekos feet actually are.

Duration: 3:33.746
Size: 405,713 Mb

Download – Neko Yano Worship

TheFootRoom – Gothic Valaries First Foot Worship

Gothic Valarie is a beautiful 18 year old with SOFT Size 7 soles. She is AMAZING and I just had to taste her toes and soles. She is topless after a long tickle session and exhausted but smiling and giggling while I suck her toes and lightly tickle her soles. She is so broken from the tickling she just got the worship seems like a hellish relief and she giggles and smiles through it all but her soles are SO sensitive. Check out this sexy video 😉

Duration: 4:39.846
Size: 119,656 Mb

Download – Gothic Valaries First Foot Worship