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TheTickleRoom – Tashas Return “Megans Hell Pt 2”

Tashas return has incited a LOT of love and I only posted ONE video for this amazing partnership. She does also have her own OF you all should check out! Just message me on my Loyal Fans and I will link you. Also if you want these clips check my loyal fans out. Its under The Tickle Room. So in this video we keep it straight up SIMPLE. Tasha has Megan stretched out and I am sitting on Megans legs JUST to make sure she cannot get out. Well poor Megan is TERRIFIED since her upperbody is INSANELY ticklish. I was not just there to hold her down but also I am literally her support system. She has her safeword but the MOMENT those INSANE nails of Tashas touch her skin Megan IS LIT UP with giggles and fear. Looking in my eyes “I cant do this!” As I hype her up. But Tasha hears none of this TORMENTING poor Megan. Megan starts literally saying she does not know if she can do it. Its one tough video as Megan begs, gets tormented by Tasha, and we have to get her hyped up again! This is one intense video….well lets just say theres a FUN and hilarious ending with Tasha. If you wanna see how scared Tasha is to get tickled then you might wanna watch it lol

Duration: 11:25.955
Size: 233,983 Mb

Download – Tashas Return “Megans Hell Pt 2”

TheTickleRoom – Tashas Return “Megans Hell Pt 1”

Tasha from Tickle A has OFFICIALLY returned….as a tickle room tickler and model. We have known each other from back in the day and are now working together! she has her own page as well now with some AWESOME content that I will be helping film. But….for Tashas return she told me she was going to be MEAN so I had to pick my model wisely. Who could handle some EXTREME tickling, has sexy feet, but is STILL insanely ticklish….Megan. Poor Megan had NO idea how good Tasha was compared to me. She always thought I was the worst. Well. She learned the hard way as Tasha absolutely DESTROYS poor Megan in this amazing clip!

Duration: 21:58.184
Size: 428,677 Mb

Download – Tashas Return “Megans Hell Pt 1”

TheTickleRoom – Breaking Emily Rose Pt 2 Desperately Ticklish Tummy

Emily Rose is amazing but after all that foot tickling you know I cannot ignore…..her upperbody! Emily Rose has INSANELY ticklish feet but how is her armpits and tummy? Well lets just say there is a LOT of breathless laughter out of poor Emily in this clip ESPECIALLY on her knees!

Duration: 13:01.052
Size: 285,656 Mb

Download – Breaking Emily Rose Pt 2 Desperately Ticklish Tummy

TheTickleRoom – Breaking Emily Rose Pt 1 “Dirty Soles and Hysterical Laughter”

Another LONG awaited amazing clip with….Emily Rose! She has done a lot of tickling work and is SUPER awesome so a LOT of producers told me she was WELL worth it and near me for a short time! So even though I was beat down from Texas I made SURE I got this booking. I over extended my budget just to see her and BOY was it WORTH IT. Emily is 24 years young with nice size 8 feet! Now what people may not know is the beginning of my videos when the model removes their shoes and socks or I do it that is FRESH out. They do not wash their feet or anything unless worship is involved. So Emily does a long interview slowly removing her shoes and socks for….DIRTY SOLES! Well thats fine. I know EXACTLY how to clean those sexy soles up. So I get her in the position that I was really a fan of with the bed and some intense toe ties. The moment I start tickling her feet JACKPOT she is SUPER ticklish, smiling WIDE, and trying to escape. Her ankles move but her feet are all mine. As my fingers dance she laughs breathlessly occasionally bursting with giggles! After a lot of foot tickling I add a LOT of lotion and lets see how fast my fingers can fly. The MOMENT my fingers take off Emily is HYSTERICAL with laughter. She is laughing as I ask her “makes it worse?”. Through hysterics she responds “YES. ALOT”. I break out the tools and more really pushing her now as she screams and laughs hysterically from how hyper sensitive her feet are especially on her birthmark on her feet that I pay extra attention too! Lets just say by the end of this Emilys feet were a lot cleaner.

Duration: 22:32.552
Size: 497,981 Mb

Download – Breaking Emily Rose Pt 1 “Dirty Soles and Hysterical Laughter”

TheTickleRoom – Ambers Surprise “Breaking in the Stocks!”

So after a long snow month me and Amber linked up to hang out when I sent her the picture of the stocks. “OMFG THAT IS SO COOL I WANNA TRY” so I let her! We go live to surprise everyone randomly with me tying her size 9 BIG feet in the stocks. Now at first Amber is REALLY hype but as I tie each toe……the true fear starts to set in as she realizes she will NOT be able to move. The moment the video starts she is more nervous than I have EVER seen her. I start to let my fingers dance as she nervously giggles and holds her laugh in as it pops out of her mouth every so often from the air pushing itself out. Her GIANT feet wiggle in the stocks to NO avail as I use two hands. Her toes wiggle and she tries hard to get away but it just STRETCHES her wide soles more. I apply a copious amount of oil to her soles and go for the pet brush. She BURSTS into a giggling fit unable to get away hysterically laughing. I keep getting my fingers in her toes and it gets harder and harder for her to hold it in and not smile. Then, I go for her upperbody with a strap. She SCREAMS and HYSTERICALLY laughs trying to pull me forward to stop but I keep going. This is one fun quick surprise from the amazing Amber!

Duration: 9:04.311
Size: 186,961 Mb

Download – Ambers Surprise “Breaking in the Stocks!”