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UKTickling – Porchia’s 10 Minute Tickle Torture!

Beautiful Porchia is stretched out for an unbearable ten minutes of non-stop tickle in this hot and intense scene! Wearing a skimpy see-through dress and sheer stockings, blonde Porchia is cuffed on her back with her feet and body fully exposed as she gets ten minutes of tickling all over! She’s a little nervous as the time starts and she’s soon laughing, squealing, swearing and pleading as her sheer stockinged feet are tickled first. In less than a minute she’s already reached the point of silent laughter and even a little snorting as she starts to crack up! When Porchia’s body gets tickled too she really loses it though. The armpit tickling is completely unbearable for her and she can’t cope as they are tickled, along with her sides and belly. She squirms and writhes as she begs and pleads through her laughter. The brush comes out and Porchia moans with pleasure whilst laughing like crazy as she loves the sensation – even asking to have her soles scrubbed harder as she squeals and laughs! After another bout of torturous underarm tickling, Porchia’s stockings are ripped to expose her bare soles to the tickling along with her super-long toes! Porchia cracks up even more when the baby lotion is added, and the brush on her lotioned up soles drives her crazy as she laughs hysterically between pleasurable noises too – hairbrush tickling definitely produces some mixed emotions for Porchia! Unfortunately for her, we lost track of time and the tickling continues beyond the ten minute mark! Porchia is breathless from the intensity of this one long before then however, and she’s completely shattered by the end…a hot and very crazy tickle session!

Length: 11:41
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Porchia’s 10 Minute Tickle Torture!

UKTickling – Jay Brings Ruby For A Crazy Foot Tickle Session!

MissyJay returns persuaded another one of her best friends to come along and shoot, and we’re glad she did as this one is insane! Ruby is ridiculously ticklish with wild reactions and they make a crazy duo as they are bound and foot tickled in two positions! The girls wear matching tops and skirts, with heels and sheer pantyhose as they have their feet suspended on the mule to start with. Jay had warned me that Ruby would be something else, and her reactions don’t disappoint as the tickling begins. Once again, Jay laughs, squirms and writhes around frantically (she really does move!), but Ruby’s reactions are extreme! She squeals, shrieks and laughs hysterically, and Jay can’t help laughing at her as well as the tickling! Next, they go into the stocks side-by-side, and things are no less crazy here. Ruby is hysterical once more and Jay nearly squirms out of her seat as she wriggles and tries to get away. The nylons are ripped and Ruby is introduced to the hairbrush as well with a predicatably wild response. They are exhausting to watch as Ruby has reactions whilst Jay just goes to pieces. Again, it took a long time for them to calm down once this one was over!

Length: 14:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jay Brings Ruby For A Crazy Foot Tickle Session!

UKTickling – Grace’s Insanely Ticklish Feet In The Double Stocks!

Grace has tiny feet and they’re also insanely ticklish as we really put her to the test in this second scene! This time, she goes into the double stocks for a long and truly torturous foot tickle session. Blonde Grace wears a T-shirt with jeans, trainers and socks over sheer nylons. She starts out with her wrists cuffed behind her as the shoes come off and her socked feet are tickled first. She’s super-ticklish and soon giggling, even through the socks! After a couple of minutes, the socks come too and her nylon soles are way more ticklish. Grace laughs and squirms like mad as her nylon feet are tickled with fingers first. She’s very petite, and a serious escape artist…she continues wriggling and writhing so much that she manages to slip a wrist out of her cuff within the first few minutes! Now she has her wrists cuffed to the stocks and the tickling resumes, working over her nylon feet, then legs and upperbody as Grace cracks up. Once again, she manages to slip her hand out and has to be cuffed in again! The tickling resumes and this time the brush is used on her super-ticklish soles and Grace freaks out completely. Laughing and thrashing like crazy, it isn’t long before she manages to pull both hands free of the cuffs – Grace is one frantically slippery customer! Giving up on the cuffs, the tickling isn’t over for poor Grace however, and her nylon feet now get some intense tickling with fingers and the brush, adding toe-ties to drive her really mad. She struggles and flails so much, she can’t see for the hair in her eyes. After several more minutes, the nylons are ripped and her cute bare feet get tickled too, with the brush driving her nuts once again! The feather is used to tease her bare soles too, before adding baby lotion and toe-ties, then going to town with the brush once more. It really is an intense session for Grace and she’s breathless by the end. There’s even more to come as we bring Jay in however, and Grace endures another five minutes as Jay’s long nails torment her bare toes and soles! After nearly twenty minutes of merciless tickling Grace really is done – a very cute and crazy scene!

Length: 19:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Grace’s Insanely Ticklish Feet In The Double Stocks!

UKTickling – Crazy-Ticklish Isla Foxx’s First Time In The Stocks!

Sexy blonde Isla Foxx makes her UK Tickling debut as she gets tickled out of her mind in the stocks! Isla was a little nervous behorehand as she already knew how ticklish her feet were – and she wasn’t wrong! Looking cute in a minidress with sheer-to-waist pantyhose and platform heels, Isla goes into the stocks with her arms cuffed overhead. She’s giggling and squirming in the chair as soon as her feet are touched and she squeals and shrieks with laughter when the heels come off. Her nylon are feet are unbearably ticklish, but her body proves very ticklish too and she cracks up as her armpits and sides are tickled too….Isla is a definite wriggler and her feet and body squirm and writhe around as she tries to get away! Her feet are definitely her worst spot and the hairbrush takes her breath away in between shrieks of laughter as it tickles her like crazy. Isla’s slim, sexy body gets a little workout and her dress is rearranged to reveal her cute panties and her perky boobs, as her belly ribs, waist and armpits get tickled all over. In the final minutes, her amazing feet get some intense tickling with fingers and the brush and then bare foot as the nylons are ripped. Isla has some amazingly long toes and baby-soft soles, which are even softer when they’re lotioned. She flails around, laughing like crazy as her lotioned soles are tickled, screaming when the brush is used again, jerking her feet and scrunching her toes! It’s an energetic, exhausting, cute and crazy first-time tickle experience and it leaves Isla breathless. Lets hope it’s the first of many!

Length: 14:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Crazy-Ticklish Isla Foxx’s First Time In The Stocks!

TKLCLAWS – Birthday Tickles Pt 1

This young Latina just turned 26, so what better way to celebrate her birthday than with a good tickle session. She’s been tickled before, but not on her cute, size 5 feet. I tie up her toes, take the claws, start to stroke her very soft soles slowly, and she says “That’s actually a good feeling.” She quickly found out that she likes having her feet tickled, especially with the claws.

Length: 7:54
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Birthday Tickles Pt 1