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TKLCLAWS – Marilyn Midas – The Midas Touch Pt 4

The most ticklish spot on most people is their ribs if you know how to tickle them. I usually don’t focus on that area because I’m attracted to feet so much, however I got these new bed straps, and wrist/ankle cuffs so I figured I’d try it out with Marilyn. She is EXTREMELY ticklish on her ribs, and waist area. I don’t think I was able to tickle her ribs for more than 20 seconds at any point in time because she literally couldn’t take it, she was begging for me to stop almost immediately. After about 5 minutes she was completely out of breath, but her laugh is so amazing!

Length: 4:59
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Marilyn Midas – The Midas Touch Pt 4