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ZivaFey – Ziva Fey Gets Her Feet Tickled By Vince

Ziva & Vince have been dating for a bit & SOMEHOW Vince was able to convince Ziva to tie her feet up & put her in a spreader bar. Ziva is being a good girl & waiting for Vince’s return…only to find that he has come back with multiple ticklish goodies. For nearly 10 minutes straight Vince tickles Ziva’s feet, he uses feathers, dusters & an electric toothbrush up & down her soft, supple soles & toes…He then leaves her tied up & exhausted from the tickles… You don’t wanna miss this clip if you love feet tickling, Ziva’s laughs & squeals & squirms!

Length: 10:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ziva Fey Gets Her Feet Tickled By Vince