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TheTickleRoom – Bridgettes Total Torment Pt 2 “Breathless Begging”

For those who got the last clip know that poor Bridgette is already BARELY able to stay up as is. Well….she has TEN more hellish minutes to get through before we stop. Now she did get a break but she wants that wrap OFF so she takes a swig of water and is ready for round 2. Makeup running, tears, and more she knows part 2 is going to suck even more. I tie her big toes even more so now she REALLY cannot get away (full disclosure they come off, over time it really does hurt shes that sensitive). Adding lotion to the mix you actually see her soles REALLY stretch as I tickle them. She hysterically bursts into laughter and giggles but she is so spent it does not last too long. I get her toes and she LOSES it crunching her toes. Now hilariously enough, her and Zero know I hate when they are in pain but they’re toes REALLY cannot handle toe ties too long but….its the MOST ticklish area of they’re feet. So I get the toe ties off and honestly she thought I was gonna stop…..nope. I go in on her feet even FASTER and she is hysterically laughing trying to pull away and even complains its worse. I start grabbing with one hand on her knees and she LOSES it begging me to stop. Then its the glove. She actually is laughing so hard she loses her breath and literally is UNABLE to laugh and is gasping so I stop to let her breath. Then its on to more hands and the brush. She tells me how much she hates me still trying to move her feet but it does nothing. So I make her a deal I will end fast IF she takes the glove and does NOT move her feet. She crunches those toes for DEAR LIFE as I tickle them with the glove. 2 LONG ass minutes she actually does WAY better than I thought hysterically laughing and begging as I destroy her poor soles. This is one for the books and Bridgette took it like a CHAMP……I also had to give her a foot massage AFTER her lickle tickle so she could wind down and get home! Show her love and let me know what you think of the clip on Twitter!

Length: 11:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bridgettes Total Torment Pt 2 “Breathless Begging”

TheTickleRoom – Bridgettes Total Torment Pt 1 “Gagged Hell”

Bridgettes size 4 feet have been VERY popular to all of you lately due to her IMMENSE sensitivity. Well she told me she needed a LARGE amount of money so I gave her a VERY difficult task…..20 minutes of HELL style tickling. Well here is part 1. She is gagged, wrapped, and toe tied (the toe ties on the big toes last the longest) and has to ENDURE 10 minutes without stopping. She is actually terrified and while I was tying her in she was shaking. Her feet are SO small its actually super easy to hold her feet back as well. While her feet make shake and move her soles and heels stay right in place. I start to feel bad because I can tell she is laughing hysterically but cant really breathe through it easily so I remove her small toe ties on one foot but this gives me the PERFECT chance to explore….her toes. I hold her big toe back and she cannot move as I get her toes and soles. She realizes instantly this is WAY worse and it SUCKS as she hysterically laughs through the gag. I suck her delicate toes and this makes her go insane but then I tickle her other foot at the SAME time. She starts to lose it and I notice she is having issues breathing through the gag so I stop and add some lotion to give her some time. But those poor toes crunch as I go fast on her poor soles. She needs another break so I undo her small toe ties on the OTHER foot but this now means free reign. I tickle her soles and she fights for a second but then she is hysterical fighting as much as she can to no avail. I feel her fight but become weaker and this is JUST fingers so….I grab a tool. The little hand massager can be REALLY effective on small, sensitive soles and well…..Bridgette fits that mold perfectly. We are ONLY half way at this point. But she does not realize that as I can see the begging in her eyes. She is SWEATING and this is a LOT but its tool time. I break out the scalp massager and she is just giggling and crying while sweating since all she can do is laugh and move. At the end she was spent and could barely breath laying down just trying to compose herself. When I pull the gag down she is BREATHLESS. This is true tickle hell.

Length: 13:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bridgettes Total Torment Pt 1 “Gagged Hell”

TheTickleRoom – Bratty Melissas Big Foot First Time

Melissa is another new model at 32 years young with LONG size 9 feet. We met at a coffee shop when she heard me talking to Amber about needing models and the rest is history! She is VERY sensitive but bratty. Her reactions are SO interesting. She laughs and giggles but also FIGHTS to keep it in whining and gasping. I really explore her soles with my fingers a LOT. She has small toes but LONG soles. They are VERY soft and adding oil makes it SO much worse for her. She makes these hilarious arm gestures before complaining and bursting out laughing. If you love watching someone break slowly and burst out laughing fighting it all this clip is for you!

Length: 11:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bratty Melissas Big Foot First Time