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TickleAbuse – Tilly Tickles Pamela

Pamela is all tied up and ready for fun! Which is good because fun is exactly what Tilly has in mind for the two of them today! She begins to tickle and tease Pamela while Pamela struggles in her bonds to get away! Unfortunately for our young damsel, theres no way shes getting out of these ropes today so Tillys in complete control!

Length: 11:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tilly Tickles Pamela

TickleAbuse – TICKLE 3 – Conor Won’t Pay Rent So His Two Roommates Tickle Him

Conor wakes up tied to his bed in his room. Katie and Maria tied him up while he was taking a nap. Maria tells him he doesnt get to sleep for free, he has to pay rent. Conor doesnt have a job and says hes looking for one, but the girls know better because all he does is sleep and play video games. The girls explain that they came up with a solution to their rent problem. Theyre going to tickle Conor until he agrees to get a job! They tickle his whole body; his knees, armpits, legs and belly. He laughs and squirms while the girls keep tickling him relentlessly. They cover his eyes so he cant see where theyre going to tickle him. He finally agrees to pay rent but the girls leave him tied to his bed!

Length: 13:46
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – TICKLE 3 – Conor Won’t Pay Rent So His Two Roommates Tickle Him

TheTickleRoom – Tiffanys Audition Pt 2 “Belly Button Hell”

Tiffanys wrinkled soles were definitely sensitive but now we go to the REAL intense part but also with a nice surprise. Tiffany has a stunning upperbody as I tickling her hips to start. She giggles and laughs but then I get the thighs and she starts to cackle and hysterically laugh pulling on the restraints before I head to her stomach. Now she was laughing UNTIL I touch her belly button and she LOSES it. She bucks her body and CAKCLES hysterically losing breath and even safewording ALL From the belly button. I spray oil RIGHT in the belly button and that makes it EVEN worse as she loses it just from that. I go SUPER fast on her stomach and she really is trapped unable to move just begging and laughing until she loses breath. But thats when I get RIGHT back to the belly button. So for the first time I grab the toothbrush and place it RIGHT in her belly button. Poor Tiffany LOSES it trying SO hard to get the toothbrush out. But then its raspberries time. This is one of the most fun and hyper sensitive belly button tickles I have ever done.

Length: 10:16
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tiffanys Audition Pt 2 “Belly Button Hell”

TheTickleRoom – Tiffanys Audition Pt 1 “Giggling Wrinkles”

Tiffany is a new model brought to us by the amazing Mona Loveless. She has super cute, wrinkly, SENSITIVE size 5.5 feet. She has a GREAT personality and is very upbeat as I tickle her soles. She has a great laugh and her soles are VERY wrinkled and soft as she fights the tickling. Her toes are nice and long so they stay toe tied through everything as I break out tools. Its actually funny how she laughs and giggles so much that when it is intense she hugs her own body. Now she is a great lee but she actually REALLY wants to ler…..

Length: 12:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tiffanys Audition Pt 1 “Giggling Wrinkles”

TheTickleRoom – Michelle Gangs Up On Christina!

Christina has a very super sensitive body. But she can actually hold in her laugh at times and fight the tickling. Well. Not this time. Michelle wants to REALLY destroy Christina so me and Michelle go OFF. Michelle wastes no time getting the hand brush and brush on Christinas sensitive soles. But we are not getting the reaction she wants so I go up high and begin tickling Christinas sides and armpits. Now Christina is losing it. We switch and Michelle being super sexy goes up high and DESTROYS Christina while I go crazy on her feet. She is not able to hold it in anymore laughing until we lay her flat. Now its time for some upperbody. Michelle lays on her legs holding Christinas arms down and for the finale we just absolutely torment poor Christina.

Length: 9:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Michelle Gangs Up On Christina!