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UKTickling – Natasha Finally Gets Some Payback!

Now, Natasha gets her own back and she enoys it! Always on the receiving end (because she’s super-ticklish) Natasha rarely gets any revenge, but she surprises us all as it turns out she’s a very good tickler, and kind of mean too! Charlie now looks cute and helpless, bound face-down in a hot dress with sheer pantyhose and heels. Natasha is given ten minutes to tickle Charlie non-stop, and she sits over her legs and unleashes some serious payback on her sheer soles. Teasing her feet through her heels, she has Charlie giggling before she slips them off to tickle her tiny trapped feet! Natasha’s natural long nails are super-ticklish as Charlie quickly discovers, and she doesn’t go easy on her. Lots of verbal teasing as Natasha tickles her like crazy, while Charlie laughs, squeals and even pleads with her! Natasha is having a great time, sometimes lulling Charlie into a false sense of security as she gives her soles a nice massage before furiously tickling them again. There’s some upperbody tickling too as Natasha moves up and down Charlie’s helpless frame, and the nylons are ripped for some great bare foot tickling too, with Natasha’s nails getting right in between Charlie’s sensitive toes. When the ten minutes is up, Natasha gives Charlie’s soles a slow, sexy massage…before continuing with the tickles. She’s having a blast and doesn’t want to stop! These ladies make for a very hot duo and it’s great to see Natasha’s mean side come out!

Length: 12:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Natasha Finally Gets Some Payback!

UKTickling – Lottii Is Jay’s Tightly Wrapped Tickle Toy!

The amazing Lottii Rose meets master tickler Missy Jay in this amazing F/F scene! Jay has Lottii mummified with her nylon feet and incredible boobs exposed for Jay to play with. Strapped down Lottii is totally at her mercy and Jay has great fun driving her insane with her mean nails…and her amazing tongue! Lottii is soon laughing like mad as Jay strokes her fingers over her sheer nylon soles, slowly building up the intensity until she is going crazy. She spends several minutes expertly tormenting and tickling her helpless feet before leaning in to worship them too. Lottii howls with laughter as Jay sucks, licks and nibbles on her sensitive toes before biting through the nylons and exposing her bare feet too. Lottii goes totally nuts as Jay works on her bare soles and toes, lickling and biting then tickling with her fingers too! Lottii’s in pieces as Jay reaches up to tickle her boobs too, then runs her fingers all over her exposed body, teasing her neck and nipples at the same time. After some more foot tickles, Jay turns around and straddles Lottii’s body so she can focus on teasing her huge boobs for the last few minutes. It’s a perfect ending to a very hot clip with this amazing duo!

Length: 13:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lottii Is Jay’s Tightly Wrapped Tickle Toy!

TickleAddiction – Kayla Racked and Tickled

Kayla is in for a ticklish treat!! Taylor has tied her down and THEN wrapped her up in plastic attached to two metal frames. Now that Tay has unlimited access to Kayla’s ticklish spots, she busts out all of her toys and shoves them in every spot Kayla has. Kayla laughs and snorts and tries to squirm, but can’t!! Tay is having a field day and making Kayla regret coming over!! Tie up by rope and plastic wrap at the same time??? What could be worse?!

Length: 11:54
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Kayla Racked and Tickled