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ZenTickling – Zen Punishes Blaze’s Pits

We take a break from the feet tickling and decide to focus on my favorite spot, the armpits. Blaze is suspended from the ceiling in a Y pose with me positioned behind her, ready to strike. My tickling style is much more aggressive than Edith’s, and Blaze was not expecting the difference. She squeals with laughter and squirms back and forth to try and get away. I alternate between pits/ribs and slow/hard tickles just enough to keep Blaze on her toes and to heighten the reactions that we get. Edith giggles as she sits by and watches her husband tickle dominate another woman (she likes watching my forearms work).

Length: 6:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Zen Punishes Blaze’s Pits

ZenTickling – Laylou Gagged and Hogtie Tickled

Laylou’s boyfriend has her hogtied and gagged on the bed, ready for more tickling. He primarily focuses on Laylou’s sensitive feet and ribs. The best reaction comes when he pulls out the hairbrush and uses it on Laylou’s soles. Her inner thighs are also very ticklish. I do not have a ton of gagged tickling clips, though I do like listening to a model gurgle/giggle as she struggles to laugh.

Length: 7:07
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Laylou Gagged and Hogtie Tickled

ZenTickling – Emily’s Ticklish Pits

Emily is now standing in an X post, wrists suspended from the ceiling and legs separated by a spreader bar. I take the lead here because Emily is vulnerable to more aggressive tickling, and because I can’t resist some ticklish armpits. My hands find all of Emily’s ticklish spots, focusing on her belly, ribs, and armpits. She trashes and squirms as she tries to get away, but all she can do is laugh. I invite Edith to come help, then eventually pass her the reigns. Edith teases her poor victim as her fingers explore Emily’s petite body. I come in at the end and make her proclaim her love of armpit tickling in order to earn a break.

Length: 5:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Emily’s Ticklish Pits

ZenTickling – Edith Wrecked with Intense Hogtie Tickling

It has been a little while since I have done a scene with Edith and she’s been itching for an intense session where she loses totally control. She specifically requested that I hogtie her, which I was happy to do. After she’s securely tied I surprise her with the ball gag and demand that she maintains eye contact with the camera. I start off tickling her exposed soles, using brushes, fingers, teeth, and my tongue to drive her crazy. When she starts to get complacent I switch things up by targeting her ticklish ribs. Edith squirms as she squeals helplessly into the gag, giving pleading looks to the camera (though you can tell she really loves it). Partway through the clip I flip her over and really give her a good belly tickling, throwing in a few raspberries. By the end of the 8 minute session she is spent, but asking for more. Should I give it to her?

Length: 7:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Edith Wrecked with Intense Hogtie Tickling

TicklingGirlsVideos – Ticklish feet of a sexy maid

The sexy maid Emily has one of the most ticklish feet, this video is focused on her feet, her super hot maid custome makes her look even more beautiful than she really is, she kicks to avoid being tickled but she is well locked on the stocks, she filled the whole room with her laughter you will fall in love with her.

Length: 10:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ticklish feet of a sexy maid

TicklingGirlsVideos – Cute Daphne gets a scary punishment

Happy Halloween!! 😀 In Tickling Girls Videos we want to be part of this, so on this occasion we bring to you to the cutest and ticklish Daphne! The model’s name is Sarah and this cosplay fits perfect to her, the purple dress, heels and pantyhose looks incredibly in her!

Well, apparently the only mystery that she has to solve, is how to endure this unbearable tickle session, her feet are hyper ticklish and the position don’t help her at all, our poor cute Daphne can’t even see what’s going on in her feet, all she can do is laughing uncontrollably and hope that this nightmare ends soon…

Length: 8:45
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Cute Daphne gets a scary punishment

TicklingGirlsVideos – Cute Daphne gets a scary punishment – Part 2 (Barefoot)

Part 2!! The Nightmare hasn’t ended up to Daphne! After she’s totally barefoot and her feet are oiled, the real punishments starts, she was tickled out of her mind when the brush was travelling through her slippery and helpless feet, she tried to get her feet out of the stocks but all her attempts are useless, now Daphne isn’t afraid from ghosts anymore, but when someone says the word Tickling, she had better run away…

Length: 10:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Cute Daphne gets a scary punishment – Part 2 (Barefoot)

TicklingGirlsVideos – Aleinad sexy ticklish feet

The beautiful Aleinad is sit on a bed massage, her black heels were rapidly removed to let her sensitive feet exposed, the black pantyhose make them looks beautiful, she moves a lot her feet to trying to avoid her feet being tickled, then her pantyhose were removed to show her beautiful soles, she got tickled barefoot too, in this video you will see adorable Aleinad squirm and laugh in asuper cute way…

Length: 10:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Aleinad sexy ticklish feet

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Il tesoro di famiglia parte terza, l’ultima ladra – the last thief

Lili arrives at the address Maat had given to Eleonore and calls her cell phone to warn her. Then enter and neutralize Scarlett. When Scarlett recovers she is barefoot, tied to the bed. Lili wastes no time and starts questioning her by telling her that she has already robbed her friends ??and that she knows about the ring she is hiding in the house, it is better if she gives it to her, or else she will have to be tickled! Scarlett doesn’t seem impressed, so Lili starts tickling her, along the sides and on the soles of her feet, first with her toes and then licks her feet and between her toes, but Scarlett as well as being ticklish, seems to get excited. Lili is amazed and Scarlett reveals to her that she is a fetishist and a fan of tickling, she gets turned on if her feet are tickled! Lili is incredulous, her strategy doesn’t seem to work for her. Scarlett tells her that she got tickled on purpose, she likes it and turns her on. The ring is no longer in his possession, a friend stole it from him through notaries and quibbles regarding the inheritance, but she proposes that she become his accomplice: the two thus go to their friend intending to take the ring. Here, they tie and immobilize Numa, the friend, to the bed. Numa protests and asks what they want from her, Lili tells her about the family ring and orders her to deliver it, but the girl refuses. The two begin to tickle her everywhere, then they approach her feet, Scarlett is excited at the sight, she has always wanted them. The two begin to tickle her feet with their fingers, with their tongues, then tie her toes together and while Lili tickles her sides and armpits, Scarlett continues to lick the soles, then the two use a brush and oil to make it even more irresistible. Finally, they tickle the plants using an electric toothbrush. Lili goes off to get a brush to use on the poor thing’s feet. Once Sun Scarlett reassures her relative telling her to do as she tells her. As soon as Lili returns, Scarlett surprises her from behind and soon she finds herself tied to the couch. The two friends ??start tickling her everywhere without giving in to her pleas. Scarlett and Numa pounce on Lili’s feet and tickle them with their fingers, then Numa moves to her armpits and sides as Scarlett licks her feet passionately. After that they sprinkle the plants with oil and with two brushes the girls tickle each one of their feet, Lili can’t resist and confesses where they have hidden the stolen goods. Numa calls the police to frame the accomplices as well. It doesn’t matter that Lili has confessed: the two fetish friends ??tie electric toothbrushes to her feet and enjoy the scene getting turned on while Lili begs them to stop.

Length: 40:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Il tesoro di famiglia parte terza, l’ultima ladra – the last thief

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – The new cindarella’s story

This is a Cinderella re-creation where Eve is Cinderella and Lady Maat and Ammalia are the evil stepsisters. Lady Maat and Ammalia is about to go to sleep and call upon Eve to come in the bedroom and oblige her to sniff their smelly socked feet sticking out from the covers. Eve start sniffing their socked feet, then the girls remove their socks and want her to worship their sweaty bare feet. Eve worships their soles and notices that their feet are ticklish.
Lady Maat and Ammalia tickle Eve’s entire body from her armpits to her feet, then they go to sleep while Eve lies down on a mattress on the floor, at the end of the bed. Eve wakes up during the night and manages to have her revenge, she first just teases and plays with their feet but after a while tickles them relentlessly. She uses different tickle tools from feathers to brushes to tickle their soles as they snore loudly. The girls flex their feet, scratch them together and wiggles their toes. Lady Maat and Ammalia crosses their ankles and starts rubbing their feet together as the tickling continues. Finally the two start to wake up and notices Eve tickling their feet as they try to act asleep, not willing to admit that they’re ticklish, they have to bite the covers and their lips to stand this tickling. Eventually Lady Maat and Ammalia starts laughing hysterically and begging for the tickling to stop, especially between their toes. Finally they give up and allows Eve to sleep in the bed with them. They all go to sleep and snore loudly, and their feet sticking out from the covers, dreaming about getting tickled. In the end, the stepmother enters and starts tickling all of their feet while they snore and sleep, and she keeps tickling them until the morning without them knowing

Length: 31:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The new cindarella’s story