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ZenTickling – Tickle Games Round 6

Here is the latest installment in our popular series ‘Tickle Games’. Edith and Emily are tied up side by side, ready to have their willpower tested. I slowly tickle both girls in the same spot, and whoever makes the first sound gets some harsh tickling punishment. This one is pretty evenly matched, with both girls breaking several times. However I would say that Emily gets the most of the tickling because she can’t seem to stay quiet. I love watching Edith gleefully laugh with that evil twinkle in her eye as she watches poor Emily squirm and squeal right next to her. I can’t help but tickle both girls at the same time too, which is a ton of fun.

Length: 5:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Games Round 6

ZenTickling – Emily Hogtied and Tickled

Now we have poor Emily hogtied on the couch, totally vulnerable to Edith’s experienced fingers. Edith explores Emily’s body and finds every single tickle spot, starting with Emily’s feet. Edith teases her victim while tickling her bare soles, making her admit how ticklish she is. After a good bit of foot tickling, Edith rolls Emily and her side to get access to her sensitive belly. Rasperry tickles work very well, and the rib area drives Emily absolutely crazy. I come in at the end to really push Emily over the edge.

Length: 4:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Emily Hogtied and Tickled

ZenTickling – Edith’s Turn For Pit Tickling

The girls swap places and now it’s Edith standing with arms tied overhead. Emily begins as the sole tickler and focuses on Edith’s exposed underarms. Her fingers wriggle up and down Edith’s smooth skin, cause giggles and squirming. It doesn’t take long for me to join in, squeezing Edith’s sides and tickling her belly. When my hands touch her knees she absolutely loses her mind and struggles to get away.

Length: 3:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Edith’s Turn For Pit Tickling

UKTickling – Unbearably Ticklish Ayla Gets Some Inversion Therapy!

Petite cutie Ayla Sky has her world turned upside-down as she tries the inversion boots and gets some mean tickling! Ayla’s tiny feet get trapped and tormented in two different positions as she has her ankles suspended from the bar, leaving her totally helpless. In the first part, Ayla is naked apart from sheer pantyhose. She lays on her back with her soles up and ankles hooked on the overhead bar. Restrained by her own body weight, she is unable to free her feet without lifting her whole body up. This makes for an interesting scene as she lays back and watches her helpless feet getting tormented! They are tickled with fingers and brushes whilst Ayla laughs, squeals, begs and pleads. Her feet are so sensitive, all tickling is unbearable for her and this is particularly bad – even more so when her ass and thighs are tickled too! The next part features a catsuited Ayla doing a full vertical stretch as she is hung upside-down above the ground! With her nylon soles exposed, she gets another foot tickle session – though a little shorter this time as the position made her quite dizzy after a while! Nevertheless, Ayla squeals and laughs – she is beyond helpless in this position with no way of getting out. The nylons are ripped and her cute little bare feet are teased and tickled too – she even gets the feather between her toes! This one also includes a little BTS footage as we were setting up and getting her into position. Poor Ayla really suffered in this one. Don’t feel too sorry for her though, as she got her own back with an F/M tickling using an even worse variation on this scenario! (coming soon)

Length: 10:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Unbearably Ticklish Ayla Gets Some Inversion Therapy!

UKTickling – Roxy’s Sheer Tickle Hell!

Another crazy-ticklish newcomer! Gorgeous Roxy Richie looks incredibly hot as she makes her debut and gets tickled out of her mind – and out of her sheer nylon catsuit too! Roxy’s curves look incredible in a skin-tight, full bodysuit. Cuffed and strapped to the Bull, she soon discovers that the sheer nylon only makes her even more ticklish and for her, this is bad news! She’s soon laughing, writhing and squirming as her nylon feet are tickled. Before long, she’s getting hot, sweaty and breathless but it soon gets a whole lot worse! Roxy’s feet and legs are extremely ticklish but her armpits are way off the charts. She goes completely crazy as her sides, belly, underarms and boobs are tichrieking, swearing and struggling wildly to get away. Poor Roxy genuinely believes she’s about to pee – and she very nearly does! The bodysuit makes her whole body slippery and unbearably ticklish but it’s eventually ripped open to expose her naked body and amazing boobs. Unfortunately for Roxy, this doesn’t make it any more bearable as her bare armpits are insanely ticklish too! Returning to her feet, the hairbrush has Roxy in fits of hysterical laughter and again the nylon is ripped to expose her cute little (size 3) bare feet! Her bare toes are another weak spot and they get teased and tickled. The brush drives her mad and baby lotion only makes things worse for her as it is massaged into her sensitive toes and soles before an intense tickle finale! Roxy is very fiesty and she tries to put up a fight throughout, but it doesn’t go well for her and she gets the tickling of her life in this one…she’s a dominant character though and needless to say she got her own back later!

Length: 15:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Roxy’s Sheer Tickle Hell!

UKTickling – Insanely Ticklish Ellie’s First Time In The Stocks!

Beautiful newcomer Ellie Mae is insanely ticklish as she discovers after going into the stocks for the first time! The slender cutie looks amazing in a velvet dress with sheer stockings and heels. She has her arms stretched and cuffed above her and her feet in the stocks. She’s jumping and squirming as soon as her feet are touched and before long she’s laughing and struggling like mad, even before her heels come off! Once her nylon feet are exposed, she really loses it – even more so when her body is tickled too! Ellie is ticklish from head to toe but her armpits are off the charts and she thrashes wildly when they are tickled. When the hairbrush comes out Ellie doesn’t know what to expect, but it sends her into yet another frenzy of laughing and thrashing hysterically as her nylon feet are tormented…she goes so crazy she almost kicks the stocks off a couple of times! Her body then gets some intense tickling, which is…intense! Poor Ellie struggles helplessly as her sides and armpits are tickled and she’s soon breathless. It’s not over though as her cute little feet get another workout in the final minutes. Fingers and brush torment her nylon feet before the stockings are ripped and her super-soft bare feet get punished too. Lotion is rubbed into her sensitive soles and Ellie thinks it may be a pleasant sensation but soon changes her mind as the tickling begins again! It’s a crazy ending to a crazy clip as the brush comes out again and her bare feet are tickled mercilessly until she’s totally done. A very hot and crazy debut for this amazing model!

Length: 13:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Insanely Ticklish Ellie’s First Time In The Stocks!