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UKTickling – Amy’s Nails Drive Me To Distraction!

Amy gets me back as only she can in this hot and brutal F/M revenge scene! This is not my first time tickled by Amy, and she is always mean as hell but this is the worst! It’s pure payback, with Jay joining in at the end just for the fun of it. Amy’s tickling was pretty extreme and she couldn’t wait to get me back. Stretched out on the table, she wastes no time in making me suffer. Amy’s nails are unbelievably sharp and they are really unbearable. I actually begged her not to go too hard before we started and she promised she wouldn’t …well you can make your own mind up on that one. Amy makes me scream at times as she uses those nails to push me over the edge – it’s like being tickled with needles! Amy is loving it though, and she teases constantly as she drives me to distraction. Her nails are unbearable on the feet, but it’s not enough for Amy as she grabs the brush and goes hard, laughing at my screams! Her nails also work the legs and body, leaving my torso covered in scratches as she punishes it mercilessly. She also has another trick, finding a weak spot in the groin and using her long fingers and sharp nails to make me hysterical – genuinely unbearable! Just when it seems it can’t get any worse, Jay (who has been watching off camera) joins in at the end and between them they completely ruin me. If there was ever a comeback to equal Amy’s tickling earlier, this is it! This girl really knows how to get her own back …another incredibly intense scene!

Length: 11:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Amy’s Nails Drive Me To Distraction!

JolieBerrie – You Deserve More Tickling Torment

This is the sequel to ‘Hogtied Tickling Hell’. As I commented, you should know me better by know and of course I couldn’t stop myself from keep on tickling him until he is completely broken. Also, while struggling he managed to rip my expensive panthose open, fueling my sadism and giving me a reason (I did not need haha) to put him through the worst tickling he endured thus far. This was so much fun! For me at least haha. – Lady Jolie Berrie (German language)

Length: 14:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – You Deserve More Tickling Torment

JolieBerrie – Slave boy hates being tickled hog stocked

Do you remember when we created a reminiscence to the classic tickling video of Priscilla and the masked guy. This bit is also inspired by a clip, where a popular fetish model is tickled mercilessly on her exposed soles and sides in the very peculiar bondage position, where a hogtie is combined with wooden stocks. I thought it would be a fun idea to do this to slave boy, but I must say I underestimated how inflexible slave boys are in comparison to female fetish models. Well, yeah, it took a lot of painful bending and rope bondage to finally get him ‘hog stocked’. I should also mention that he is not allowed to lie in bed like in the original clip but must stay on the cold hard floor. Oh boy, that position worked a treat. He is so vulnerable, his muscles all sore and tight, not able at all to cope with the tickling torment I am inflicting on him. A lot of teasing, taunting, baby oil on his already exposed sides and soles. Enjoy! – Jolie Berrie (German language)

Length: 22:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Slave boy hates being tickled hog stocked