TheUKLer – Jezebel Lee Immobilised and Tickled

Jezebel is locked and strapped into just about as many cuffs as possible while leaving as much of her exposed as possible. Before I’d even finished tying her up, Jezebel exclaimed how she couldn’t move an inch , the arm-length cuffs completely immobilise the arms and leave the upperbody incredibily vulnerable. Jezebel is blindfolded with a black-out sleep mask throughout and I ballgag her about halfway through.

Length: 14:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jezebel Lee Immobilised and Tickled

TheUKLer – Jezebel Lee Mummified – No Way Out

Jezebel is locked, stocked and wrapped tightly in unforgiving bondage tape, and then leather straps secured to the bed for good measure. With her movement truly restricted she’s in for lots of feet-focused tickling and a healthy dose of her favourite tool, the electric flosser. Although she might not agree with that but not to worry, I gag her with microfoam tape to stop any complaining.

Length: 11:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jezebel Lee Mummified – No Way Out

TheTickleRoom – Allisons Stoned Giggles Pt 2 Tip Toes and Counter Tickling!

This clip has a lot more BTS (including how stunning Allisons cousin is!). But for this one she had to stand tip toed while being tickled and if she moved her feet up she had to sit on the counter and be tickled. This one is fun and simple with a lot of talking between us.

Length: 11:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Allisons Stoned Giggles Pt 2 Tip Toes and Counter Tickling!

TheTickleRoom – Kippy Kats Nude Upperbody

This is a fun one. So when I do upperbody videos I have the models tell me their most comfortable way of being dressed for upperbody. Well apparently Kats is in the nude. She gets full on naked exposing her soft body and stunning body. But the big question is….how ticklish is she? I start light with the thighs and get a cute giggle as I work my way up. I get some hips and find a solid spot as she giggles then I am on the belly. She is giggling and gasping as I work my way to her ribs getting a solid laugh with a quick “OH GOD”. She makes a comment that guess she is not a thrasher which makes my job fun. I explore her nipples and ribs with her armpits and she is just a giggling mess. Its so hot how hard she is laughing but her nude body is just locked in place. This is a fun paced out upperbody I think you will all enjoy!

Length: 5:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kippy Kats Nude Upperbody

TheTickleRoom – Monas Tickle Interrogation Pt 2 “I DIDNT DO IT”

Its been all fun and games with Mona but its time to turn it up. She stole from me and its time to turn it up. Monas big feet are ticklish but the real fun is on her nude upperbody. I start with the hips and shes already bucking and fighting before I get to the ribs and nipples and Mona LOSES it. She starts laughing and moaning. I have never seen her like this. She is always the dom and being so submissive WITH the gag is new to her. Her body moves like my fingers are electricity. I get a REALLY good spot on the thigh and Mona loses it so bad she comes out of a cuff but that is NOT stopping me. I keep going and she is LOSING IT. I keep telling her when she moves her hand at me it will be WAY worse. I retie her and switch to a cloth gag. By the end poor Mona is a giggling mess in easily the most intense video she has ever done.

Length: 9:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Monas Tickle Interrogation Pt 2 “I DIDNT DO IT”

TheTickleRoom – Monas Tickle Interrogation Pt 1 “Hyper Sensitive Soles”

Mona is a stunning latina with SEXY size 9 feet and they are EXTREMELY ticklish. She is tied completely nude to the table and her toes in the stocks. Vulnerable and nervous tickling Monas feet is a dream. She has a MOAN laugh not used to being tickled because she is ALWAYS the dom. She torments mens bodies and bank accounts all the time and its time to get info out of her. Her laugh and scream are loud throughout the entire building so I gag her and now she can say nothing being made to laugh into her gag as I have my way with her amazing feet.

Length: 11:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Monas Tickle Interrogation Pt 1 “Hyper Sensitive Soles”

TheFrenchWayTickling – First tickling for Gabriella

This is the very first video of pretty Gabriella, where she’s both adorable and shy.
Gabriella is very ticklish when it comes to her feet, and we didn’t hesitate to check her out. We tied her feet and hands to immobilize her, and started tickling her. To our delight, her sensitivity to tickling increased! At first, she held back, but when we started using a brush and oiling her feet, she started wiggling like crazy.

In the second part of the video, Gabriella is tied up on her stomach, with her feet and hands connected. We start by tickle her feet a little before moving on to the tickling.
Once again, she tried to restrain herself, but soon began to squirm from the unbearable tickling when the oil was put back on.
She blushed and laughed as if someone had taken possession of her. She screamed and begged, breathless with laughter. In the end, she barely managed to say how horrible we were.

Length: 18:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – First tickling for Gabriella

TheFrenchWayTickling – Two girlfriends scotched tickled

First tied up sitting on a bed back to back, these 2 girlfriends are at my mercy. I tie their arms together with tape in the air to gain easy access to their armpits. Their ankles are also taped together and roped together under the bed. This keeps their legs taut and their feet at my disposal. I like to enjoy them in silence, so they’re taped together for the whole game. I use my fingers and several accessories such as a hairbrush, toothbrush and spiked gloves, as well as oil to heighten the sensations and make their soles shine, which makes them even sexier.

They’ll then be turned over, still with their hands tied. This time, their feet will be taped together at the ankles. I’ll be able to tickle all 4 feet simultaneously. And enjoy their intense moans over and over again.

Length: 17:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Two girlfriends scotched tickled

TheBKTickler – Did I Just Tickle My Psychiatrist – Part 1 – Feet

I have a problem. I have a huge tickle fetish that I can’t control. And it got me kicked out the house, and I had to stay at a hotel so my girlfriend can off because she caught me trying to tickle my friends feet. So I called my psychiatrist (played my Megan Jones) to talk to her So I can get this resolved. She was willing to come to my hotel room to talk it out. She’s full aware of my problem and is willing to do anything to calm my urge. I will say taking her shoes off to relax her feet did not help my urges. But then again, here’s where her idea came into play. She is so dedicated to helping me with my problem, that she is willing to let me take my urges out on her. Meaning she is willing to let me tickle her. Even though this was her idea, she has no idea what she’s in store for. But now that her feet are locked in foot stocks, it’s time to test out her theory to see if me tickling her will calm my urges.

Length: 21:37
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Did I Just Tickle My Psychiatrist – Part 1 – Feet

TheBKTickler – Did I Just Tickle My Psychiatrist 2 – Part 1 – Feet

Well my urges for tickling started back again. And I first psychiatrist is still too exhausted to help resist my urges the first time. But luckily she has a replacement for me to help me with my urges. And she informed me that the new psychiatrist has a similar “problem”. She has a tickle fetish as well. So the new psychiatrist (played by Rachel Adams) comes to my house to help me out. Which she was more than willing to do. I noticed how nice her feet looks in her open-toe shoes and asked to take them off to check them out up close, also to see how ticklish they are. And she didn’t mind at all. Next time I asked her to put her feet into my foot stocks and got in them very quickly. She about to find her needs tickling ate about to be met in a very intense way, while of course calming down my urges. Check part 1 now!

Length: 18:45
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Did I Just Tickle My Psychiatrist 2 – Part 1 – Feet