TheTickleRoom – Lauras Audition “Wide Wrinkly Soles” (Upperbody included)

TheTickleRoom - Lauras Audition "Wide Wrinkly Soles" (Upperbody included)TheTickleRoom VIP Clips TheTickleRoom - Lauras Audition "Wide Wrinkly Soles" (Upperbody included)TheTickleRoom VIP Clips TheTickleRoom - Lauras Audition "Wide Wrinkly Soles" (Upperbody included)TheTickleRoom VIP Clips

Laura is a sexy model agency CEO that I have been talking about doing a photo shoot with for over a year. She is 27 years old with size 7 feet However every time we are supposed to meet up it falls through. Well on the day of my flight out of Texas she decides to be late to work to meet me and I decide to miss my flight. I have always wondered what her feet looked like since I have only seen pictures of her in pumps. I was nervous to meet her but excited all at once. I knew we had little time but I had to get at least one shoot in. So she shows up and I immediately think she is beautiful and see her shoes. I decide those are coming off as soon as I can. But then SHE TAKES THEM OFF! She then hops on my bed with her soles facing me. Her feet were so amazing with SEXY wrinkles and thick soles. But then she lifted her arm exposing a delicate armpit to scratch her head and I felt myself getting excited. This rarely happens but she was so gorgeous and soft spoken. We engage in small talk and I notice she keeps rubbing me or touching me. So I decide to use this to my advantage. I reverse her seduction asking her…."Are you ticklish?" Well she giggled and laughed saying yes thats a weird question why? So I pull the towel covering the bondage and explain the shoot. Needless to say she smiled and said sure. So I tie her up and I can tell shes is nervous….in a good way. She seems excited, nervous, and confused. So I have her feet tied for our pleasure and I begin. I slip one shoe off and she IMMEDIATELY hides her foot saying "they are so sweaty!!!" But it doesn't stop me. I begin tickling her and she BURSTS OUT with laughter. But it does not stop there as I keep tickling with her laughing saying please I AM REALLY REALLY TICKLISH. I then give her a break as I tie her toes up for extra immobility. I am too excited as I attack her toes and soles making her shriek and giggle, "I'M SUPER TICKLISH!!" She says super ticklish so many times it just makes me keep going! Every tool is absolute torture on her as she squeals with laughter wrinkling her feet. But of course how could I forget her luscious curvy upperbody? The moment I tie her up I can feel her getting sweaty. I grab her knees and she starts giggling IMMEDIATELY. But I do not stop there. I go from her wide hips to her amazing soft armpits and "SUPER TICKLISH" Ribs. This is one of my favorite clips EVER!

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1440×1080,, 6538 kbps,  fps
Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 48000Hz, 192 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 17:26.626
Size: 725,582 Mb

Download – Lauras Audition "Wide Wrinkly Soles" (Upperbody included)

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