TheTickleRoom – Lizettes Audition Tickling Tiny Wrinkled Soles

TheTickleRoom - Lizettes Audition Tickling Tiny Wrinkled SolesTheTickleRoom VIP Clips TheTickleRoom - Lizettes Audition Tickling Tiny Wrinkled SolesTheTickleRoom VIP Clips TheTickleRoom - Lizettes Audition Tickling Tiny Wrinkled SolesTheTickleRoom VIP Clips

Here we have the young 20 year old Lizette. Lizette is a little fireball of fun standing a super short 5'0 with size 5 1/2 feet. Now her feet are SUPER wrinkly and I could not wait to get her in the stocks. Now I saw her on social media and she was cool with Terry. So no crazy story here. Terry brought it up to her and she was super excited. Unlucky for her however we were trying to extend this audition for a long time….. So I start with Lizettes feet in the stocks and her arms above her head. She is excited and nervous as I remove her slipper. The moment I remove her slipper and tickle her feet….."OMG….OMG OMG OMG" As I slide my fingers on her soles. I remove the next one as I start tickling her more. She protests LAUGHING out loud when I pass over her more SENSITIVE spots. I tie her toes and start tickling her feet intensely. She laughs and attempts to hide her SOLES from the tickling by crunching her TOES. But all she actually does is expose some AMAZING wrinkles. I pull the toe ties off since she is being a good lee. She keeps her feet still for me as I RUN my hands and fingers over her soles and TOES. She tries covering her soles by crossing her feet and crunching her toes but that just gives me access to those WRINKLES again. My hands and tools do their work drawing her laughter. She is exhausted as I slip away from her soles and step behind her. She is nervous as I work my hands down her arms towards her exposed armpits. She then tries to make it harder for me to tickle. Very well then. I IMMEDIATELY go for her stomach and SHE BEGS me not too trying to get away until I get a good grip and the tickling INTENSIFIES. She SCREAMS laughing trying to get away from me as I switch from her armpits to her stomach as she LAUGHS and BEGS further. But even then it does not end there. I move her into a new position while she is spent on energy. I spread her feet and place her hands in the middle. Now me and Terry JOIN up and tickle those delectable SOLES of Lizette. She BEGS laughing softly out of energy. But I want that LOUD laugh so I get behind her as she BEGS me NOT TO. I let my fingers run over her stomach and armpits as she SCREAMS INTO LAUGHTER. Terry unleashes and ONSLAUGHT of brush strokes and fingers.

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Download – Lizettes Audition Tickling Tiny Wrinkled Soles

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