TheTickleRoom – Natasha Greene Audition “Best Friend Betrayal”

TheTickleRoom - Natasha Greene Audition "Best Friend Betrayal"TheTickleRoom VIP Clips TheTickleRoom - Natasha Greene Audition "Best Friend Betrayal"TheTickleRoom VIP Clips TheTickleRoom - Natasha Greene Audition "Best Friend Betrayal"TheTickleRoom VIP Clips

For those who have been keeping up we mentioned a 3rd model after Marisol Ortega and Samantha Brown. That model is their close friend Natasha Greene. Natasha is a beautiful and popular Instagram model (no she does not want anyone to have it) who at first said hell no to doing a tickling shoot. Marisol and Samantha told me they REALLY wanted her to do it however and they actually never heard her laugh hard. So I figured I would talk to her about it. Natasha called me and after a lengthy discussion decided to come to The Tickle Room and give it a try. 

Natasha is 23 years old and curious on her level of ticklishness. She realized the shoot was really interesting and wanted to give it a go. She is used to people always hitting on her and feeling sexy but never realizing how many people liked her laugh and feet. So we start with her size 6 feet in the tickle chair. She is nervous as I lightly touch her soles. She smiles BIG saying “maybe a little”. She is not a loud laughing model at all but a gasp and HUGE smile into talking model. These are some of my favorite models. They attempt to hold their laugh in and are not used to laughing hard. So instead they seem confused unable to comprehend what is going on. Once I really start using tools she laughs so softly its so sexy. Her mouth opens WIDE as she laughs and its very true that her feet are VERY sexy. 

Now I made a deal with Samantha that Natasha did not really know, I would let her join in! Marisol and Samantha join forces with me and 3 way tickle Natasha. She slowly is losing air “fuck” is all she really can say. But then its upperbody time! THIS is where we really see Natasha feel it. She laughs and giggles SO sexy as she stays still almost completely immobilized. I lower her pants and lift her shirt exposing her belly button getting my finger in there making her giggle before REALLY getting her stomach. She screams laughing and giggling before I call the girls again for a 3 on 1. She kicks and SCREAMS unable to stop laughing as her best friends betray her getting everything they wanted from her and surprisingly she loved it.

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Download – Natasha Greene Audition “Best Friend Betrayal”

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