TheTickleRoom – Rey The Nerds Audition “A Shot in the Dark”

TheTickleRoom - Rey The Nerds Audition "A Shot in the Dark"TheTickleRoom VIP Clips TheTickleRoom - Rey The Nerds Audition "A Shot in the Dark"TheTickleRoom VIP Clips TheTickleRoom - Rey The Nerds Audition "A Shot in the Dark"TheTickleRoom VIP Clips

Ok Tickle Room lovers here is a special and RARE treat. About 3 months ago I randomly began emailing cosplay models. However most cosplay models either shoot their own fetish content OR are not ok with shooting it. Now I sent a LOT of emails and ironically enough received one in return…Reys! Rey is a nerd girl with anxiety and lives no where near us. So in the beginning she was very nervous and ultimately curious. But as time passed and we spoke more we became closer and actual friends. She then was ready and said that the money was nice but she wanted the experience. She is one of the ONLY models to actually send us sample photos and videos she took herself! Her trip was booked to be short but got so many customs we had to deny some until her return. Now she arrived with only ONE pair of combat boots and socks. So she said her feet were really sweaty and sensitive. Upon arrival she also received her first Pedicure! Not even 5 hours later she is now ready for the chair. 

Rey is a full on nerd who loves her cosplay fans. She is 20 years old with SEXY size 8 feet (we think they are size 9s). She has never been tied up let alone tied up and tickled. Worried about her anxiety we take it slow but Rey is talking to our tickle fans on instagram and having a blast! She is tied up as I remove her boots exposing her socked feet. I pull her socked toes back stretching her soles and tickling her. Now Rey is not a SCREAMING laughter model BUT is DEFINITELY sensitive. She laughs nervous and awkwardly pulling her soles away to no avail. Now I remove her socks and tickle her bare soles and she tries to turn her foot to get away from my hand. She attempts to hold her laugh in making hilarious faces and BURSTING with giggles. So I toe tie her and lock in the bondage. Now is the real test. I apply a GENEROUS amount of lotion to Reys SEXY bare soles as I lightly drag my nails down her soles. She HOLDS….and BURSTS. I then speed up as she giggles and gets her composure. I love how as I slowly drag my fingers her toes crunch but the toe tie prevents her from protecting her soles! I use every tool and Rey constantly tries to pull away making hilarious faces. Rey has awkward cute laughter making obvious faces of ticklish discomfort attempting to hold her laugh in. Me and Perla apply oil and double team poor Rey as she laughs and pulls but now its time for the real test of her upperbody! Reys upperbody is more ticklish than her feet. She can BARELY hold her laugh in. She giggles and bursts into laughter attempting to pull and sway away. This does not work as my hands get her ribs, neck, ears, hips and more! Rey ends saying it was WAY more intense than she expected but would love to do it again which she will! We received so many customs we had to move her customs to this month since she will be coming to The Tickle Rooms tickle party! 

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Download – Rey The Nerds Audition "A Shot in the Dark"

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